Saturday, September 20, 2008

Living Life

I am sure we all have things that we are grateful for every morning. Things that are worth waking up for, things that will lift our spirit and so do I! One of the very first thing i thank Lord is to be alive every morning-I am gifted with another day to carry out my duties, ambition , dream! These are just a few of the many many things
  • the morning sunlight
  • beautiful trees with amazing shades of green and little white flowers sticking out
  • the smell of freshly cut grass
  • and of course, lovely smell of toasted bread and a cup of coffee
  • bird's chirping
  • pretty smile on mum's face
  • sweet memories of dad
Oh yeah and of course, I am grateful that my oral cavity is still intact, or else how will i talk and eat, both being my favourite activity and first on the list!=) Anyway my point is, we are gifted with so many precious gifts every day, but we don't really notice their existence.All we do is work, work, work! Then one day we just go off! Think about it, we don't enjoy what is right in front of our eyes, take time to realise, look at the sky today, smell the fresh air, smile at least at five people today, and you will feel good! The happiest things in life lies in the simplest act!So, act now! Hug your parents today, tell someone how much you love them or else it might be to late when you wish to do so. I will start the happiness chain- wishing those reading this site a wonderful day and loads of love and hug from me!

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