Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pain,The tear drop

Behind each smile,
Comes the story of pain,
Not known,
Not told,
Laughter they see,
Sorrow they dont,

Clear stream of water,
Shattered with the drop of a stone,
Light was my heart,
Now,burdened with pain,
I could feel the tear drop,
Holding on to my lashes,
There, it dropped...
Just like the stone,
Shattering my dreams,
Its unfair, I screamed,
No one hears,
None stopped,
Friends they call themselves,
But, are they really?
In each of us there is a stage,
The stage of life,
I call it,
We build,
We decide,
Characters we play,
We change the role,
I am the Cinderella,
I am the evil sister,

It is just one of the days,
In many to come,
I am standing,
On this stage,
The pain has spread
to the minute pores of this body,
I am still walking,
No, not alone!
The pain has taken up too much of me
It will be soon when I fall,
When the pain outweighs me,
Till then,I will walk...

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