Thursday, October 30, 2008


I had a long day. While I was in the dental clinic today, accompanying mum, I saw a sight that made me tear. An old man, about late seventies, clad in a white shirt and black pants with an old looking cloth wrapped around his head, with prominent facial bones and a few long lines running from one end to the other end of his forehead walked into the clinic. He hands in his appointment card in the counter and took a sit on a red cushioned chair. After a while the nurse called him and he only responded and walked over to the counter on the third call. It took him some time to answer their questions, and later was told that he had missed his eight o'clock appointment,(it was 10.45 am at that time) and was told to come back in two weeks time. I felt so angry and sorry for the helpless man. He lived far and had to travel a long distance to get to the hospital, all alone with no one to accompany. I don't understand why can't they reschedule his appointment for the same day at a different time, would it hurt them, common, isn't there any respect for the older citizen? Taking into account his age, and his pitiful condition, why don't this people use their own discretion to help him out? God knows what has he left behind to make it to the hospital today- probably his work which could have earned him some money for the day, why make them travel up and down at that age??? I get very depressed when I see old people being treated as such! Anyway for the man, he nodded in agreement and walked away slowly in disappointment. I wonder if he would come again in two weeks time...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Feel Blessed

Happy Diwali! I just happen to see an interesting scene. There were three birds, with one of them attacking the other one, while the other one coming in the way to stop the fight.Its like this massive argument with lots of noise.My mum claims its a feud over a girlfriend-boyfriend thingy.Maybe! I really thought it was cute.But sigh, I am pretty sad I don't have a camera to record it.However, I am fortunate to be given a chance to see it.Things like this is quite rare.You don't happen to see them all the time.Anyway,I miss my dad so much!Wishing all of you out there a blessed day! Loads of love and hugs. I am going to hunt for food now.I baked chocolate walnut cake yesterday=) Yippee!!! It helps you know, chocolates, my anti-depressant. Think will spend the day with Sylvia!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Sweet Vendeta

Have you got girlfriend's that stand in your way all the time? Well, I know I do.Had them since primary school.Once they are out of your life, you feel so much of freedom! I had two types-one, which constantly wants to be the first in everything and requires attention and the other which takes a liking and wants everything you do and also needs attention and yet you would be there for them all the time because you are genuine in your friendship. I prefer the first type of course.Funny, I always thought I will grow up hating people like that but only to realize I am like this today because of the competitive circumstances created by that one person that made me want to learn more in life.Well, the second type is whom I can go on laughing, enjoying but end of the day leaving you with tears of pain and after all those years of friendship, you realize they don' t even know you one bit. They are there with you cause they need to grow, then they leave.SELFISH!The type that buys everything that you like, steals your words and ideas and use them in a conversation with your group of friends, leaving you behind with no words to say, those that enjoys attention and majorly seeks for one and spoils your day!I have been feeling down all the time with this person around me, looking out for her all the time, only to know she is not particularly genuine! Now that this person is not around, I want to be me, don't want to feel robbed of my own self!This is life, sometimes , you are too close to a person, that ,you don't even want to voice out anything to them for the fear of hurting them but then you realize end of the day that for the amount you have been hurt, that person does not deserve your friendship and love, share them with someone who is more honest.Feel like a step in the ladder that have been used by the other person to climb their way to success.You don't need people like this who doesn't respect you!Move on!At least, I am trying! Show them you are better off than them!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Just One Of Those Days...

Bonjour everyone, I am congratulating myself for surviving for six days!Yup,I have proudly gone through 6 days of my gynaecological attachment with a new batch of students.A whole different experience,people and characters, and I have managed to know the names of 9 students so far.Its funny how things are changing for me but I am glad to say I am having loads of faith and trust in Him and trying to be positive as much as I can.By the way,I am hooked to books at the moment!Story books, sorry to disappoint ya peeps, not medical books=)I am half way through my second book (P/S= I LOVE YOU, the first being THE SWEETEST TABOO) I tried restraining myself from starting the second book but could not stand, it is as if the book is screaming on my face-Take me,Read me now! So,I have started and also have shed tears-some memories reminding me of myself! Other than that, I had a boring weekend and I am waiting for this Thursday to go back home to mummy!Yeah! And this week while I was in my usual mode, I was thinking how is it that I can be so boring. Hmm, I mean I have so many ideas and stuffs to share and say but before I can express,I have this negative thought at the back of my head that says " Don't be too nice @ You better think twice before saying,what if it is interpreted wrongly" And trust me, when I am out, I can really go on staring at the television or the floor for an awfully long time.Ironically, there is nothing interesting in the tv set, just another programme in another language that I obviously don't understand with people humiliating themselves and I am not even wearing my freaking glasses and not like there is any interesting painting on the floor either!But, I can still go on looking at them as if those are the greatest wonders in the world that will not exist anymore and are going to extinct the minute I take my eyes off them.ARRGGH!!!I dont understand myself at times( well, I dont blame others if they dont either), I have no idea of what exactly I want! It can be very annoying sometimes. It just doesn't work with tv sets or the floor, just put me with a group of friends in any shop, I can go on catching details of the very minute things anywhere around me that my eyes lay on rather than conversing with them.Fascinating-PERHAPS?
Funny-MAYBE? Nuts-CERTAINLY!.Can't wait to finish medicine studies and move on with something that is hmm, more interesting or shall I say more appealling to me. Would like to do something more impulsive next time!A bientot!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Holla, hope all of you had a wonderful day!Just got back from the gym, it is great to workout.Anyway, I read an interesting article the other day regarding coffee 'lunak'. So, I thought I shall share it with you guys.'Lunak' is an animal from the cat family. To prepare the coffee, what they do is, the grown and plucked coffee beans are fed to the 'lunak'.So, these beans passes through the digestive system of the cat and comes out through the feces.Well, you can guest what will be done next, they are removed from the feces and washed, and later it goes into our mouth in the form of Lunak coffee!Yucky or yummy? Hmm, I will leave it to you guys to judge.Alright?
By the way, did I tell you it is the most expensive coffee in the world! Oh ya, there is also enema coffee.Yup, you heard it right! ENEMA! It is inserted posteriorly. Well, I don't quite fancy the idea of coffee in the anal canal!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Lesson from an 8-year old

I was talking to my niece the other day.She is eight. It was two days before her exams, and well she did not seem to be bothered much about the examination. Being the usual me, a stern and caring aunt or shall I say grandmother ( I have got comments that I nag a lot when I give advice, so I have promised myself to safe the advices for the younger ones as they seem to be the more listening type, but not in my case) I told her to study or she will ( i did not say might i said will!) fail in her exams. She said just one thing and I kept quiet, I had no answer, she was right.She asked me how can I be so sure that she will fail when she has not even seen the paper what more answer it! She was absolutely right, it made me think. It was actually my insecurities and less of faith that was reflected upon her in the form of a very sure statement, it is as if I know, she will not pull it through.Come to think about it, we follow the right path the whole time that we do not dare take a risk simply because we do not want to believe, take a chance and go for it!Why? It was truly an wonderful learning experience and something for us all to think about.I am trying to correct it- taking a chance, and stop imagining what will happen next? Learn to risk, or you will not learn anything!Have a blessed day.As for Divya(my niece) she passed her exams, I guess you just need to believe in yourself at times.That's the magic!


Have you ever wondered how worms are formed? I am curious. The thing is, get a plastic bag, put in a few potatoes, and keep it away for a few days.Well, monitor if you have time , just look around the plastic bag.After a week, u will see worms inside the bag? HOW is the big question, i mean common, there are no worms outside the bag and after all the intense monitoring , there's definitely no worms crawling from the outer world into the bag? So, how exactly did it get there? Are potatoes formed from worms?Are the worms forming the potatoes?(*sigh* aren't both the questions the same, hmmm, sorry ignore me.coming back to the point...) Which also could mean that we are eating worms each time we get a bite of the hot fat potato fries? Hmmm, which is quite tasty actually.Well, perhaps the worms add to the extra flavour=) The next time you eat potatoes, think about it.
P/S= The worm theory works for all kind of foodstuffs and not entirely restricted to potatoes!

Friday, October 3, 2008

A Tribute To My Dad

~Its been four months and you will always live in our memories~

The man who talks about discipline and punctuality.The man who constantly reminds me that I am a girl-look after your face,do exercise!He who tells that "all your five fingers are not the same" each time a question regarding why do people do this?, why can't they think rationally?why...?,why...?,why...? questions arise. The one who tries his best to make me laugh. The man who tells me what my mum did today-you no ruby ma, she broke something today. The one who accompanies me to the book shop and for shopping,he has got great taste. The one whom I call by name only when I am speaking to mum. Its all so fresh,all of it,everything,its hard to describe, something that many won't understand, an emotion that can't be written, only felt! Its everlasting, for eternity! If I were to be granted a wish, that would be to see him just once, to hug him and let him no how much I love him, something that I couldn't do when I was given a chance, cause I was scared and in denial.I am trying my best, but it hurts when reality hits me! Family and Love-the two element that I was taught,now its shattered, life is mixed with tears, fear as such being the biggest fear-fear of losing,fear of loving,fear of being attached to someone,fear of being hurt and fear of being alone and of course the constant questioning with Lord-why me? I miss the other part of me that now only lives as memories not a reality! For the man who have touched my heart, who have asked me to learn from the world outside, and who has always given me a shoulder to cry on-MY ACHA,MY DAD! All I want to say is that I love you from the bottom of my heart.For some unknown reason,I know you are reading this cause you are my dad and daddy's are always supposed to guide and care and that's exactly what you will do-forever!