Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Holla, hope all of you had a wonderful day!Just got back from the gym, it is great to workout.Anyway, I read an interesting article the other day regarding coffee 'lunak'. So, I thought I shall share it with you guys.'Lunak' is an animal from the cat family. To prepare the coffee, what they do is, the grown and plucked coffee beans are fed to the 'lunak'.So, these beans passes through the digestive system of the cat and comes out through the feces.Well, you can guest what will be done next, they are removed from the feces and washed, and later it goes into our mouth in the form of Lunak coffee!Yucky or yummy? Hmm, I will leave it to you guys to judge.Alright?
By the way, did I tell you it is the most expensive coffee in the world! Oh ya, there is also enema coffee.Yup, you heard it right! ENEMA! It is inserted posteriorly. Well, I don't quite fancy the idea of coffee in the anal canal!

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