Monday, October 27, 2008

Feel Blessed

Happy Diwali! I just happen to see an interesting scene. There were three birds, with one of them attacking the other one, while the other one coming in the way to stop the fight.Its like this massive argument with lots of noise.My mum claims its a feud over a girlfriend-boyfriend thingy.Maybe! I really thought it was cute.But sigh, I am pretty sad I don't have a camera to record it.However, I am fortunate to be given a chance to see it.Things like this is quite rare.You don't happen to see them all the time.Anyway,I miss my dad so much!Wishing all of you out there a blessed day! Loads of love and hugs. I am going to hunt for food now.I baked chocolate walnut cake yesterday=) Yippee!!! It helps you know, chocolates, my anti-depressant. Think will spend the day with Sylvia!

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