Monday, October 20, 2008

Just One Of Those Days...

Bonjour everyone, I am congratulating myself for surviving for six days!Yup,I have proudly gone through 6 days of my gynaecological attachment with a new batch of students.A whole different experience,people and characters, and I have managed to know the names of 9 students so far.Its funny how things are changing for me but I am glad to say I am having loads of faith and trust in Him and trying to be positive as much as I can.By the way,I am hooked to books at the moment!Story books, sorry to disappoint ya peeps, not medical books=)I am half way through my second book (P/S= I LOVE YOU, the first being THE SWEETEST TABOO) I tried restraining myself from starting the second book but could not stand, it is as if the book is screaming on my face-Take me,Read me now! So,I have started and also have shed tears-some memories reminding me of myself! Other than that, I had a boring weekend and I am waiting for this Thursday to go back home to mummy!Yeah! And this week while I was in my usual mode, I was thinking how is it that I can be so boring. Hmm, I mean I have so many ideas and stuffs to share and say but before I can express,I have this negative thought at the back of my head that says " Don't be too nice @ You better think twice before saying,what if it is interpreted wrongly" And trust me, when I am out, I can really go on staring at the television or the floor for an awfully long time.Ironically, there is nothing interesting in the tv set, just another programme in another language that I obviously don't understand with people humiliating themselves and I am not even wearing my freaking glasses and not like there is any interesting painting on the floor either!But, I can still go on looking at them as if those are the greatest wonders in the world that will not exist anymore and are going to extinct the minute I take my eyes off them.ARRGGH!!!I dont understand myself at times( well, I dont blame others if they dont either), I have no idea of what exactly I want! It can be very annoying sometimes. It just doesn't work with tv sets or the floor, just put me with a group of friends in any shop, I can go on catching details of the very minute things anywhere around me that my eyes lay on rather than conversing with them.Fascinating-PERHAPS?
Funny-MAYBE? Nuts-CERTAINLY!.Can't wait to finish medicine studies and move on with something that is hmm, more interesting or shall I say more appealling to me. Would like to do something more impulsive next time!A bientot!

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