Monday, October 6, 2008

Lesson from an 8-year old

I was talking to my niece the other day.She is eight. It was two days before her exams, and well she did not seem to be bothered much about the examination. Being the usual me, a stern and caring aunt or shall I say grandmother ( I have got comments that I nag a lot when I give advice, so I have promised myself to safe the advices for the younger ones as they seem to be the more listening type, but not in my case) I told her to study or she will ( i did not say might i said will!) fail in her exams. She said just one thing and I kept quiet, I had no answer, she was right.She asked me how can I be so sure that she will fail when she has not even seen the paper what more answer it! She was absolutely right, it made me think. It was actually my insecurities and less of faith that was reflected upon her in the form of a very sure statement, it is as if I know, she will not pull it through.Come to think about it, we follow the right path the whole time that we do not dare take a risk simply because we do not want to believe, take a chance and go for it!Why? It was truly an wonderful learning experience and something for us all to think about.I am trying to correct it- taking a chance, and stop imagining what will happen next? Learn to risk, or you will not learn anything!Have a blessed day.As for Divya(my niece) she passed her exams, I guess you just need to believe in yourself at times.That's the magic!

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