Thursday, October 30, 2008


I had a long day. While I was in the dental clinic today, accompanying mum, I saw a sight that made me tear. An old man, about late seventies, clad in a white shirt and black pants with an old looking cloth wrapped around his head, with prominent facial bones and a few long lines running from one end to the other end of his forehead walked into the clinic. He hands in his appointment card in the counter and took a sit on a red cushioned chair. After a while the nurse called him and he only responded and walked over to the counter on the third call. It took him some time to answer their questions, and later was told that he had missed his eight o'clock appointment,(it was 10.45 am at that time) and was told to come back in two weeks time. I felt so angry and sorry for the helpless man. He lived far and had to travel a long distance to get to the hospital, all alone with no one to accompany. I don't understand why can't they reschedule his appointment for the same day at a different time, would it hurt them, common, isn't there any respect for the older citizen? Taking into account his age, and his pitiful condition, why don't this people use their own discretion to help him out? God knows what has he left behind to make it to the hospital today- probably his work which could have earned him some money for the day, why make them travel up and down at that age??? I get very depressed when I see old people being treated as such! Anyway for the man, he nodded in agreement and walked away slowly in disappointment. I wonder if he would come again in two weeks time...

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