Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Sweet Vendeta

Have you got girlfriend's that stand in your way all the time? Well, I know I do.Had them since primary school.Once they are out of your life, you feel so much of freedom! I had two types-one, which constantly wants to be the first in everything and requires attention and the other which takes a liking and wants everything you do and also needs attention and yet you would be there for them all the time because you are genuine in your friendship. I prefer the first type of course.Funny, I always thought I will grow up hating people like that but only to realize I am like this today because of the competitive circumstances created by that one person that made me want to learn more in life.Well, the second type is whom I can go on laughing, enjoying but end of the day leaving you with tears of pain and after all those years of friendship, you realize they don' t even know you one bit. They are there with you cause they need to grow, then they leave.SELFISH!The type that buys everything that you like, steals your words and ideas and use them in a conversation with your group of friends, leaving you behind with no words to say, those that enjoys attention and majorly seeks for one and spoils your day!I have been feeling down all the time with this person around me, looking out for her all the time, only to know she is not particularly genuine! Now that this person is not around, I want to be me, don't want to feel robbed of my own self!This is life, sometimes , you are too close to a person, that ,you don't even want to voice out anything to them for the fear of hurting them but then you realize end of the day that for the amount you have been hurt, that person does not deserve your friendship and love, share them with someone who is more honest.Feel like a step in the ladder that have been used by the other person to climb their way to success.You don't need people like this who doesn't respect you!Move on!At least, I am trying! Show them you are better off than them!

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