Friday, October 3, 2008

A Tribute To My Dad

~Its been four months and you will always live in our memories~

The man who talks about discipline and punctuality.The man who constantly reminds me that I am a girl-look after your face,do exercise!He who tells that "all your five fingers are not the same" each time a question regarding why do people do this?, why can't they think rationally?why...?,why...?,why...? questions arise. The one who tries his best to make me laugh. The man who tells me what my mum did today-you no ruby ma, she broke something today. The one who accompanies me to the book shop and for shopping,he has got great taste. The one whom I call by name only when I am speaking to mum. Its all so fresh,all of it,everything,its hard to describe, something that many won't understand, an emotion that can't be written, only felt! Its everlasting, for eternity! If I were to be granted a wish, that would be to see him just once, to hug him and let him no how much I love him, something that I couldn't do when I was given a chance, cause I was scared and in denial.I am trying my best, but it hurts when reality hits me! Family and Love-the two element that I was taught,now its shattered, life is mixed with tears, fear as such being the biggest fear-fear of losing,fear of loving,fear of being attached to someone,fear of being hurt and fear of being alone and of course the constant questioning with Lord-why me? I miss the other part of me that now only lives as memories not a reality! For the man who have touched my heart, who have asked me to learn from the world outside, and who has always given me a shoulder to cry on-MY ACHA,MY DAD! All I want to say is that I love you from the bottom of my heart.For some unknown reason,I know you are reading this cause you are my dad and daddy's are always supposed to guide and care and that's exactly what you will do-forever!

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