Monday, October 6, 2008


Have you ever wondered how worms are formed? I am curious. The thing is, get a plastic bag, put in a few potatoes, and keep it away for a few days.Well, monitor if you have time , just look around the plastic bag.After a week, u will see worms inside the bag? HOW is the big question, i mean common, there are no worms outside the bag and after all the intense monitoring , there's definitely no worms crawling from the outer world into the bag? So, how exactly did it get there? Are potatoes formed from worms?Are the worms forming the potatoes?(*sigh* aren't both the questions the same, hmmm, sorry ignore me.coming back to the point...) Which also could mean that we are eating worms each time we get a bite of the hot fat potato fries? Hmmm, which is quite tasty actually.Well, perhaps the worms add to the extra flavour=) The next time you eat potatoes, think about it.
P/S= The worm theory works for all kind of foodstuffs and not entirely restricted to potatoes!

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