Monday, November 17, 2008

The Face On The Other Side Of The Mirror

Holla! Barack Obama won, yup I know my shoutings of joy came in much later, but, hey don't blame me, I have been going through 4 weeks without an internet connection. Anyway, that was for my dad! If dad was physically present, I am sure he would have supported our African-American president. So, hooray for the both of us, rite acha! Well, getting back to me ,I am doing my 5 th week of posting with an entirely different group starting from today. The first four weeks was more like a warming up period.Honestly, I congratulate myself for surviving this long , coming to think of all the fear of meeting and being in an entirely different group prior to this. Will present myself an ice cream this weekend=) However, I still suck at remembering names! Trying my best, trust me.As you know, this world is made of all kinds of people-thin,fat,tall,short,baby ,adult,child, the smart ones,( I don't believe in the presence of stupid and dumb people, God gave us all the same brain, and it all strongly depends on the effort- with the effort, comes the knowledge) so I would prefer to say the lazy and the extremely hardworking ones, and then comes the most complex of all- attitude ( notice, I have not written an opposite word to it, cause attitude as such is a very wide subject to touch upon, as it comprises of all sorts of character) .And this is the one essence of human nature that I find pretty amusing. For an example, being smart can be grouped into few catogeries:
- smart weirdos - ones that are smart but with very unaccepting funny behaviours
- smart nice- ones that are smart and down to earth
- smart smart- ones that are smart and super smart in living their lives, something
like smart in finding money by making use of others, only wants the best for themselves, some sort like selfish
- smart smart nice- ones that are the smart and super smart in living their lives, but
they don't misuse others for their hidden intentions
- extra smart- these are the smart but they puzzle you at times when they don't know what
to do when they are put in situations that can be easily solved by an uneducated person ( Again, I don't believe they are uneducated person, cause in our lives, each day offers us something to
learn- education is not acquired via books and schools only!However, I am using the word to prove my point.)
So, you see, each day, we face these people, that are just different than us. It is learning how to deal with these people, that is the real challenge! Like a cob web, too complex!
Hence people say stay true to yourself, be yourself only, and then there is no question of accommodating to other people's attitude! But honestly, in today's world, is it really possible? From the words of Mr.Donovan himself " fake it till you make it". If you don't accommodate then you will be left behind, it is a competitive world after all! Frustrating I know, but do you have a choice.Well , you need to survive as well. But then again, when you treat everyone the way they are, does it not sound like you are having multiple personality disorder?=) Confused?...
Anyway, it is up to you to take charge of your life! You do the decision! Adios, may you be wrapped up with God's love!
p/s= I think I used too much of the word 'smart", that now it seems meaningless to me. *sigh*

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