Sunday, November 9, 2008

Little Tiny Tot

Its funny to think how kids say amazing things in certain circumstances.When we actually take the time to reflect upon it, you will realize their world is the world of peace having "no worries" and " immortality" as its ingredients and wrapped around with love! As I was growing up , that was exactly how my world was- no worries!But the truth was, I always had others to do the worrying part for me.Nowadays, its more like ,I do the worrying and the advicing. I used to read articles on kids and their wonderful sayings, all the time thinking it was just messages printed on a piece of paper by some grown up adults for our viewing or rather to send us some kind of advice inderectlty to ponder on, not actually said by any of those kids.However,not till I experience it that I realized I was sooo wrong!As dad was on his final journey to God, I remember mum explaining to Thejas ( my nephew), 5 years old, what was happening in between her sobs. He just stood there calmly, and said " Just wave the wand, and amacha (grandpa in my language) will wake up". I know I teared more listening to him. I wish this complicated thing called life was that easy- use the wand and things will be back to normal. Let's face the fact, its not! As we venture into adulthood, things just became even more complicating and confusing, but somehow with time we move on. And at the end of the day, we take it as a wonderful learning experience, and will know how to react if we were to face the same situation in the future. We just become more matured. Its like " been there, done it, and will know how..." kinda thing. Well, this is the reality of life. However, there are days when I wish I was a child again!

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