Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Guardian Angel

~In loving memory of my dad~
Five months have passed by, and the thoughts, memory and especially the love for you is stronger than before.Weird, you might say if you are physically present here, I would have thought the same if someone were to tell me , but it is the truth.When you were near , I saw you, we spoke, we had woderful days together and all the great stories of childhood that you shared with me , of course, I can never forget how you got your job , blessings from god you would say. But now, when you are physically absent, in this past five months, all I do is I think about you-every second and minute of the day.Nowadays, I will always wonder what would acha would have said if he was here, what would he have done. Now when I am down, I talk to you still, staring at the photograph every time, its different, yes, five months ago I would do a little bit of complaining when I am switched to my depressed mood and you would do all the advicing part along with all the 'still find it amazing' proverb and philosophy of yours, but now I do the talking and you just listen, but I know you are there to help invisibly, my Guardian Angel, that's what Sham says all the time and I know deep down in my heart it is the truth!
Love you always!

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