Friday, November 28, 2008


Wishing you a happy and blessed day! Hello, I had to many things in my mind that I wanted to key in, but at this very moment, it has all dissapeared to the very corner of my cerebral cortex.Reason? I had not enough sleep and reason for that would be...? My exams of course , the only thing that would be the cause of my deprivation of sleep.I would not say that I am doing the last minute studies, cause I have done my studies but you know, the extra conscious me and my tiny voice in me that is constantly questioning myself Is it enough?...Can you remember?... What if something else comes out?...Hmmm, sounds like lack of confidence? Sigh, I am working on it.Anyway, I have completed my postings. And the next thing I would cross out from my to-do list would be" going for a trip " and so I did! I am happy for myself! Well , I am not the going out type, actually I am ( sorry , you are confused?I know, just bear with me) but it is just that so many things comes to mind all the time when I plan on going out- and the end result, yup you guessed it right-I don't go anywhere! So, last week I planned the trip and left without much thinking. People do say, there are things in life you should not think much or you will end up no where and it just adds up to the confusion! Very true! I will post a blog on the trip to Penang very soon , with pictures hopefully, not today, my eyes are burning! Other than that, I had quite a challenging week, granted a chance to meet the utmost irresponsible creature on earth! Very inhumane!Then things just get ugly and spoils your day! Anyway, don't want to go on talking about it, got over already, so will drop it, and move on! God has a funny way of testing a person-no argument!Oh yes, I would not say its all that bad, I was also blessed with an oppurtunity to meet a wonderful and understanding person.Hence, I would say it was a balanced week- more like the ying and yang concept. And I have also accepted an invitation from a friend to go out for a drink for my birthday- something that I would not have done if I was still the old me! I am trying to push aside the negative energy and after all I deserve to be happy! Take care!

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