Monday, December 29, 2008

Ma Penang Trip

(From left-Joanne, Rathi, Parames and myself)

( Me & Parames )

Finally, as promised, a short note on my Penang trip.Don't have all the picture though! Will try to get them as soon as possible. So those are the three of them that made my day-Jo,Ratz, and Parames. The awesome part about the whole trip was definitely the ferry ride!My favourite! Just standing there at the deck of the ferry, with the wind blowing against my face, the view of the island at the far end, the sound of the wave hitting against the ferry, and the wonderful sight of jellyfish drifting lazily in the water was just awesome! We had our breakfast in Anandha Bhavan-disappointing nasi lemak but the best bru coffee and oh yeah, our topic of discussion-period;) { Galz, what do ya expect, not really sure how we ended up with such a topic though!}
Next, was all about walking down the Little India street- looking, analyzing and of course shopping! Then, we came to a shop but I couldn't make myself step into the shop- it was the sight of the man sitting there with a weary look clad in a blue checkered sarong. There was something familiar about the sight.I have seen it and gone through it before but the man back then happen to be my dad.No wonder, tears just welled up in my eye and my heart beat faster and I just moved on to the next shop with the pain filling me up.Then, I noticed I can't run away! Anything and everything brings back those bitter memories! Well, moving on, we hopped into the bus and went to Queensbay Mall----FOR LUNCH! Haha, should have looked at us, it was nearly four and our stomach was growling in hunger and we looked pathetic, it is as if we were just ready to swallow anything coming our way, but hey, we dragged ourselves to KFC and the rest is history:) We did not really have much time to look around the mall, so we did a very fast window shopping to catch the next bus and then the ferry back home! Oh by the way, I ended my day with nasi lemak again! So, that is basically how I spend my day with these wonderful and lovely friends of mine. Planning for a next trip there very soon and this time we are gonna stay there. Bu bye, loads of love and hug!

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