Thursday, January 29, 2009

Vizeum's Theory Of Motivation

The eight core forms of behaviour:

1) ENJOYMENT - the desire to maximise pleasure

2) CONVIVIALITY - the desire to connect with others

3) BELONGING - the desire to feel accepted by others and supported by loved ones

4) SECURITY - the desire to feel protected , safe , secure and cared for

5) CONTROL - the desire to manage emotions and feelings

6) RECOGNITION- the desire to stand out in a crowd

7) POWER- the desire to feel important

8)VITALITY - the desire to feel alive and full of energy

* Read these in a magazine , thought of sharing with you guys, analyze each of it, and you will
know how true it is , those are all requirements to move on and to live life!*

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Simple Yet Meaningful

Hug and water- two things I would never say no to in life! People say sharing is caring, never really understood the significance behind it when it is said generally but when concerning these two it makes a whole lot of sense to me. HUG- the strong arms wrapping around you , I feel like a child again, gives a sense of security , actions are definitely better than the words of comfort uttered, the love conquers the fear , the feeling of fear, scared, afraid and vulnerability just "evaporates", itz like magic! WATER- to quench thirst of course but do we realize at a very weak physical state it is the water that rules , plus mum always says never say no when someone asks for water , so it is just in me to be the water provider. You know what is the most amazing thing in this two- they are both the simplest thing in life we can share with someone. Like I always say " The happiest thing in life lies in the simplest thing! How true,just take time to think about it, and you will realize. So it says it all- I will never say no if someone asks me for a hug or water.

Friday, January 16, 2009

16 Days Into New Year

Happy New Year! I know my shout outs are always delayed, but hey, I had a reason for it,I was away for my community postings , had a nice time, will write all about it in the coming blogs, need to get few of my photos first. Anyway, it is exactly been 16 days into the new year and I have not made any resolutions till date. Kind of have my to-do list to compensate, so not to worried. I have learned a lot in this pass three weeks, mostly human behavior-ma favourite topic! I love to read and analyze people. It is funny and weird how God plan things in life, people you never once think you will get close to, now seem kinda attached. I have no comments, I am just following the flow. I am very grateful for all the wonderful friends I am blessed with, so guess there is no room to complain. I am expecting a larger circle of friends in 2009, what do ya expect, with all the different batches I am being placed in! Big group of friends means a lot of obligations in life! I hate to be obligated to people, only two things in life I will always feel obliged and I am always willing to do anything- first, my family and next non-family members that I hold close at heart. Weird, I know, some of us one to be surrounded with a whole load of friends, whereas I on the other hand like anything in minimization. Well, other than that, I remember a friend telling me once, that girls are vain when it comes to camera- all they do is to take photograph of themselves,well, no comments again, pretty arguable topic, but leave me with a camera and to my own amusement I found myself to be quite vain as well=) I had a lot to write in but again I am just staring at the screen blankly trying to pick up what are the details I wanted to key in so badly for the past few weeks, nothing coming to mind. Guess will just stop here. Loads of love and hug-please continue the love chain if you are a good human.


~ No words can ever describe you, it was a blessing, and I am glad to have experienced 21 years of my life in your presence~

Seven months have passed
New Year has arrived
And I looked around
Something is missing
The familiar face
The caring voice
The comforting hug
Yes, the hug…
I miss the hug the most
How secured it was when I had your hands around me
It was magical
I used to tell myself
All the pain and sorrow flew away
Replacing with reassurance
I call it God’s touch
But, now at this very moment
It is all gone
This indescribable feeling in me
Am I running?
Am I moving forward?
Am I pretending?
I don’t know
Frustration is all I am loaded with
Regrets for not saying what I am supposed to
Now, my heart yearns to see you
Just once
To say and show my love
That I could not make myself do at the very time I was losing you
I was afraid
Is all I can say…
I am thanking God for all those wonderful time He granted me with
To be able to know a great person like you
You have always been the best and will always remain so!