Friday, January 16, 2009

16 Days Into New Year

Happy New Year! I know my shout outs are always delayed, but hey, I had a reason for it,I was away for my community postings , had a nice time, will write all about it in the coming blogs, need to get few of my photos first. Anyway, it is exactly been 16 days into the new year and I have not made any resolutions till date. Kind of have my to-do list to compensate, so not to worried. I have learned a lot in this pass three weeks, mostly human behavior-ma favourite topic! I love to read and analyze people. It is funny and weird how God plan things in life, people you never once think you will get close to, now seem kinda attached. I have no comments, I am just following the flow. I am very grateful for all the wonderful friends I am blessed with, so guess there is no room to complain. I am expecting a larger circle of friends in 2009, what do ya expect, with all the different batches I am being placed in! Big group of friends means a lot of obligations in life! I hate to be obligated to people, only two things in life I will always feel obliged and I am always willing to do anything- first, my family and next non-family members that I hold close at heart. Weird, I know, some of us one to be surrounded with a whole load of friends, whereas I on the other hand like anything in minimization. Well, other than that, I remember a friend telling me once, that girls are vain when it comes to camera- all they do is to take photograph of themselves,well, no comments again, pretty arguable topic, but leave me with a camera and to my own amusement I found myself to be quite vain as well=) I had a lot to write in but again I am just staring at the screen blankly trying to pick up what are the details I wanted to key in so badly for the past few weeks, nothing coming to mind. Guess will just stop here. Loads of love and hug-please continue the love chain if you are a good human.

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