Friday, January 16, 2009


~ No words can ever describe you, it was a blessing, and I am glad to have experienced 21 years of my life in your presence~

Seven months have passed
New Year has arrived
And I looked around
Something is missing
The familiar face
The caring voice
The comforting hug
Yes, the hug…
I miss the hug the most
How secured it was when I had your hands around me
It was magical
I used to tell myself
All the pain and sorrow flew away
Replacing with reassurance
I call it God’s touch
But, now at this very moment
It is all gone
This indescribable feeling in me
Am I running?
Am I moving forward?
Am I pretending?
I don’t know
Frustration is all I am loaded with
Regrets for not saying what I am supposed to
Now, my heart yearns to see you
Just once
To say and show my love
That I could not make myself do at the very time I was losing you
I was afraid
Is all I can say…
I am thanking God for all those wonderful time He granted me with
To be able to know a great person like you
You have always been the best and will always remain so!


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