Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Simple Yet Meaningful

Hug and water- two things I would never say no to in life! People say sharing is caring, never really understood the significance behind it when it is said generally but when concerning these two it makes a whole lot of sense to me. HUG- the strong arms wrapping around you , I feel like a child again, gives a sense of security , actions are definitely better than the words of comfort uttered, the love conquers the fear , the feeling of fear, scared, afraid and vulnerability just "evaporates", itz like magic! WATER- to quench thirst of course but do we realize at a very weak physical state it is the water that rules , plus mum always says never say no when someone asks for water , so it is just in me to be the water provider. You know what is the most amazing thing in this two- they are both the simplest thing in life we can share with someone. Like I always say " The happiest thing in life lies in the simplest thing! How true,just take time to think about it, and you will realize. So it says it all- I will never say no if someone asks me for a hug or water.

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