Friday, February 27, 2009

My Swimming Experience

Clad in a black lycra swimming suit with water neck high and holding on to the sides of the pool on a Monday evening is not exactly my idea of enjoying myself. I have always had this inborn fear of water , never particularly had any personal incident though! In the name of keeping my sisters company and to prove to myself that I can do it, I jumped into the water.Splash! Next thing I know, I was just holding on to the sides of the pool and moving from one end to the other. A movement that covered the rectangular shape of the pool. I did try to float. With both my hand positioned in a V-shape ( from the side view of course) , and pressing my hands on the blue tiles with all my might or simply put, with all my body weight focused on my shoulder joints, I managed to float, for a few seconds, hmm...the word "few" sounds too long, it was more like 0.0001 millisecond before my legs start hitting the floor of the pool. Then, the routine, I kicked myself upwards from the floor, then in I go again, pretty annoying. After much analyzing, I finally think its my heavy arse that pulls me down. It was more like a drowning lesson. You will feel the fun of getting yourself wet in the water just for that particular moment till reality hits you the next morning- the killing pain on my shoulders and chest muscle!Arghhh... Anyway, besides all the pain and my brilliant ideas of securing myself from drowning, it was still the best time of my life, just to be able to spend it with my family! Would love to do it again, though I am still sticking with my decision not to learn swimming in the near future. I feel out of control when I am in the water, the currents are too strong for me to be able to do anything in time plus considering the fact I am a bit slow, anyway don't want to mess with the power of nature.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shrek And Donkey

I have a problem. I am torn in between Shrek and Donkey! Donkey is annoying, he talks,talks,talks and talks. He gives you a good company though, a nice friend to be around , makes your day , loving and yes caring, definitely. Shrek is the family man, more of a rational creature, cute ( something that is not seen in donkey), loving, adorable, loves his kids and Fiona. After much thinking, I would like to have Shrek as my husband and Donkey as my best friend! Weird, but I am still thinking.... again.... and again...hard to decide, will leave it to God!


This is just my song, every word, every music beat is just perfect to my ears.Would move to this piece anytime of the day! It is just beautiful and mysterious at the same time. It is the inner feelings of a lady that are hard to be described that is described so splendidly. The dark secrets that only you and yourself share which is carried out very well in this piece.Love it! It is from the movie Awarapan.

Somewhere Out There, I Know There Is Someone
Who Is Waiting Just For Me Maahiya
He Is Gonaa Set Me Free Maahiya
Jiski Aankhon Mein Meri Hi Nami Ho
Koyi Toh Hai Woh Yaar Maahiya
Karoon Main Intzaar Maahiya
Jisake Jine Mein Meri Hi Kami Ho
Rahe Jo Bekaraar Maahiya
Woh Mujhpe Nisaar Maahiya
Jisaki Har Baat Mujhse Judi Ho
Chaahe Jo Beshumaar Maahiya
Wafa Se Wafaadaar Maahiya
How Long My ???
Why Can You Be A Part Of My Reality
Usako Li Zindagi Ke Khwaab Main Bunoo
Chamkile Rang Saare Unamein Bunoo
Usako Aksar Khayaalo Mein Socha
Kahin Toh Hai Woh Yaar Maahiya
Woh Mera Dildaar Maahiya
Somewhere Out There, I Know There Is Someone
Who Is Waiting Just For Me Maahiya
He Is Gonaa Set Me Free Maahiya
I Know That He Is Gonaa Be My Destiny
Its All Part Of ???
Kabse Usake Aane Ki Main Raah Takoon
Kabse Chhupa Ke Ise Dil Mein Rakhoon
Mere Dil Ne Taraasha Use Jaisa
Milega Wahi Yaar Maahiya
Hai Mujhe Aitbaar Maahiya
Somewhere Out There, I Know There Is Someone
Who Is Waiting Just For Me Maahiya
He Is Gonaa Set Me Free Maahiya
Jiski Aankhon Mein Meri Hi Nami Ho
Koyi Toh Hai Woh Yaar Maahiya
Karoon Main Intzaar Maahiya
Jisake Jine Mein Meri Hi Kami Ho
Rahe Jo Bekaraar Maahiya
Woh Mujhpe Nisaar Maahiya
Jisaki Har Baat Mujhse Judi Ho
Chaahe Jo Beshumaar Maahiya
Wafa Se Wafaadaar Maahiya

I Am The Ballerina Girl In The Picture

He looked. He touched. He ran his fingers along my neckline. He loved the pale pink lacy dress on me. I heard him say “Wished those hair was let loose, love the auburn colored locks framing up her face”. “She is pretty, a little touch of white pearls will do wonders on her”, I heard the other man responding. I am never good enough! They always want to see me in everything that pleased their eyes. Appreciate me for who I am, I screamed. None heard, I know, even frustrating. Take me with you is all I ask, give me a house to live in! My thoughts were interrupted when he walked away. I am saddened. I really liked him. Wish he has chosen me. I saw him admiring the salsa lady at the other corner. Then he turned, walked and stood right in front of me. “I will take her!’ he exclaimed. My heart beat faster in excitement. He liked me. I caught his attention. He holds me close to his chest. I felt safe. I am owned , I can proudly say it. I felt his moist lips on mine. He loves me. I did not want to tear and spoil my beautiful complexion. He hung me on a purple colored wall in his bedroom. He admired me everyday. I felt splendid. I know I am gifted. After all, I am the ballerina girl in the picture!


I saw,
Those eyes were staring at me
I got a glimpse of his vision
She stopped to look
I watched
The movement of their lips,
So familiar
What is it?
I wondered,
A cloud of anxiety circling me
My name
That’s what it was
They are talking about me
I questioned,
I am always their target
I don’t care
This is my life
Those wild eyes will haunt me today
But tomorrow,
It will be my day!

Touched By An Angel

I looked into your eyes
And I found peace
I looked into your heart
And I found love
You hold my hands
Cause you had faith
And the warmth
Made me smile
I told myself
God can’t be everywhere
So He must have made you
Just for me
To care
To love
To give me guidance
To teach me the meaning of life
And I am thanking Him today
For having to meet a person like you

February 14 – The Queen of All the Other Lover’s Day!

It is the month of love! Let’s spread the love, ask the person next to you how was their day? Give someone a hug. Such an act makes a whole lot of difference in a person’s life. Better than I Love You if you ask me. Why? How many I love you can you tell a person in a day? How does it show that you are really caring towards a person? I love you, so what, if you complaint of waiting for the loved one for even a good 10 minutes. I love you, so what, if you can’t prepare a good meal once a month for the loved one. I love you, so what, if you can’t sit for a two hour movie which you absolutely hate for the loved one. I love you, so what, if you can’t compromise with your loved ones. I love you, so what, if you want to stick with only your choice. I love you, so what, if you can’t stay up watching football with the one you love though you hate soccer. I love you, so what, if you can’t spend an hour just talking to the one you love. I love you, so what, if you can’t enjoy the moment of silence with your loved one. I love you, so what, if you don’t grant the other a space for them. See, it does not serve the purpose. People always want to hear the three simple words- I Love You, but hey, what is the use if you keep forgetting the simple rules of life and to be a human. To me, I love you is a general term that comprises a lot of effortless actions and words said in every day live. There are loads of examples but here are few that are currently popping in my head:-

a. Ask how was your day?
b. Listen with your heart when someone talks
c. It does not take the once in a blue moon expensive gift to impress someone, just a simple post-it note written anything- thinking of you, loving you always, have a great day , will always be there when you need me- will do to show the care and love
d. Always give a hug
e. Cook a meal from your heart , don’t even think of trying it if you are in a shitty mood, you are sure to spoil it
f. Bake what your loved ones would like or simply bake from your heart.
g. Send a flower to their workplace or just leave one by their side on the bed.
h. Give a thank you card
i. Enjoy the moment of silence.
j. Stand up and dance today
k. Spend time looking at the sky.
l. You want to get a gift, get it today, why wait for that special day, do it now.

Finally, if you have done any or all of the above, and of course there are more, in which you will find out as this beautiful journey of life goes on, as I am still learning, then go up to the person and say I LOVE YOU! It gives a different feeling altogether- a feeling of satisfaction. And to the other person on the receiving end, they will know you really mean it. You see, life is simple, don’t complicate it.
Be normal, be yourself! Do anything from the heart because it adds extra sweetness to everything you do! And oh yes, everyday is the day of love- you have gotta believe it, smoothens the path of love.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Eternity - In Ever Loving Memory Of My Dad

Today I am wishing you were here
Hoping to get a huge hug
Telling me its going to be okay
I feel like a newborn being left alone in the cold
Shivering, starving and crying
Only difference now is that no one sees the tears
I am hurt to the core
The only reason I am moving on is because You said I am a survivor!
The only thing that gives me the fuel for the day
Punctuality and discipline
Two very important things you thought me
I am taking an oath to stick to it
To come up in life
Will forever hold you close to heart

Me At This Very Moment

Life changes in a blink of an eye
I can't explain this change
None would understand
There are always monsters out there waiting to jump at you
Dealing with " unhumanly" humans
Leaving you with frustration and anger
Unable to express
Can't speak out in order to survive
Hoping at times for misfortune to fall upon them
What's wrong you may ask?
It is these "unhumanly" human that have changed me
All the waiting, sobbing has got to me
Now, I have ran out of tears
Emotions don't seem to have a meaning to me anymore
I am trying to survive
In this happy world with cruel people!