Thursday, February 12, 2009

February 14 – The Queen of All the Other Lover’s Day!

It is the month of love! Let’s spread the love, ask the person next to you how was their day? Give someone a hug. Such an act makes a whole lot of difference in a person’s life. Better than I Love You if you ask me. Why? How many I love you can you tell a person in a day? How does it show that you are really caring towards a person? I love you, so what, if you complaint of waiting for the loved one for even a good 10 minutes. I love you, so what, if you can’t prepare a good meal once a month for the loved one. I love you, so what, if you can’t sit for a two hour movie which you absolutely hate for the loved one. I love you, so what, if you can’t compromise with your loved ones. I love you, so what, if you want to stick with only your choice. I love you, so what, if you can’t stay up watching football with the one you love though you hate soccer. I love you, so what, if you can’t spend an hour just talking to the one you love. I love you, so what, if you can’t enjoy the moment of silence with your loved one. I love you, so what, if you don’t grant the other a space for them. See, it does not serve the purpose. People always want to hear the three simple words- I Love You, but hey, what is the use if you keep forgetting the simple rules of life and to be a human. To me, I love you is a general term that comprises a lot of effortless actions and words said in every day live. There are loads of examples but here are few that are currently popping in my head:-

a. Ask how was your day?
b. Listen with your heart when someone talks
c. It does not take the once in a blue moon expensive gift to impress someone, just a simple post-it note written anything- thinking of you, loving you always, have a great day , will always be there when you need me- will do to show the care and love
d. Always give a hug
e. Cook a meal from your heart , don’t even think of trying it if you are in a shitty mood, you are sure to spoil it
f. Bake what your loved ones would like or simply bake from your heart.
g. Send a flower to their workplace or just leave one by their side on the bed.
h. Give a thank you card
i. Enjoy the moment of silence.
j. Stand up and dance today
k. Spend time looking at the sky.
l. You want to get a gift, get it today, why wait for that special day, do it now.

Finally, if you have done any or all of the above, and of course there are more, in which you will find out as this beautiful journey of life goes on, as I am still learning, then go up to the person and say I LOVE YOU! It gives a different feeling altogether- a feeling of satisfaction. And to the other person on the receiving end, they will know you really mean it. You see, life is simple, don’t complicate it.
Be normal, be yourself! Do anything from the heart because it adds extra sweetness to everything you do! And oh yes, everyday is the day of love- you have gotta believe it, smoothens the path of love.

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