Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Am The Ballerina Girl In The Picture

He looked. He touched. He ran his fingers along my neckline. He loved the pale pink lacy dress on me. I heard him say “Wished those hair was let loose, love the auburn colored locks framing up her face”. “She is pretty, a little touch of white pearls will do wonders on her”, I heard the other man responding. I am never good enough! They always want to see me in everything that pleased their eyes. Appreciate me for who I am, I screamed. None heard, I know, even frustrating. Take me with you is all I ask, give me a house to live in! My thoughts were interrupted when he walked away. I am saddened. I really liked him. Wish he has chosen me. I saw him admiring the salsa lady at the other corner. Then he turned, walked and stood right in front of me. “I will take her!’ he exclaimed. My heart beat faster in excitement. He liked me. I caught his attention. He holds me close to his chest. I felt safe. I am owned , I can proudly say it. I felt his moist lips on mine. He loves me. I did not want to tear and spoil my beautiful complexion. He hung me on a purple colored wall in his bedroom. He admired me everyday. I felt splendid. I know I am gifted. After all, I am the ballerina girl in the picture!

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