Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Metamorphosis From Caterpillar To Butterfly

~ 10 months have passed and I dedicate this to myself and my family members in the ever loving memory of our loving dad~

its an excerpt from one of Anthony Robbins's book

....."You're thinking like a caterpillar." He asked me what I meant. "There's a point,"I said, "where most caterpillars think that they have died.They think life has ended.When is that?" He said,"Oh yeah,when that thing starts wrapping around them." I said, " Yeah, pretty soon the caterpillar gets wrapped in its cocoon,buried by all this stuff.And you know what?If you were to open up that cocoon, the caterpillar is no longer there.There's just all this mush and goo and stuff.And most people, including the caterpillar,thinks it's dying.But really it's beginning to transform.Do you understand? It is going from one thing to something else.And pretty soon,what does it become?" And he said,"A butterfly." I asked," Can the other lilttle caterpillars on the ground see that this caterpillar became a butterfly?" He said,"No." I said, "And when a caterpillar breaks out of the cocoon, what does he do?" He said, " He flies."I said,"Yeah, he gets out and the sunlight dries off his wings and he flies.He's even more beautiful than when he was a caterpillar.Is he more free or less free?" He said,"He's much more free." And I said," Do you think he will have more fun?" And he said," Yeah- he's got less legs to get tired!" And I said,"That's right, he does.He doesn't need legs anymore; he's got wings.

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