Sunday, April 5, 2009

Been kissed

I had a rather challenging day, just went on to be the depressing one. I finally managed to pull myself up and went to temple. Just sat there- only me and God. But God is not that bad after all, he gave me a happy ending.Saw this kid, one and a half years old, no words to describe him.Xtremely adorable! Someone should put a sign on him*CAUTION-XTREME CUTENESS CAN BE DANGEROUS*, u know the sort of thing that keeps you away from a place.Anyway back to my story, the little pie mimicked every action of mine. He came up to me and planted a kiss right on my lips with all the saliva of course but it did not bother me at all, in fact I felt blessed cause I was the chosen one=) Then being the usual me, I gave him one of the banana I had in my hand, he ran back to his mum and came back to me to get all of the flowers and the last fruit I had.I gave it to him. I couldn't control myself, I just pinched and stroked his cheek till the deep dimple is formed. God, what a sight.Really made my day!Feel like my energy level just went up.Anyway all the low mood should be due to the once in a month hormonal change that takes place. The only time in life I ever wish I was a boy is during this time of the month and also wish I could swap places with all the boys. And the only time I want to get married is each time my exams are near. Oh ya, did I mention that I end my day with ice-blended mint mocha.Perfecto!Plus, before leaving the boy stroked my cheek=)

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