Thursday, April 30, 2009

Butterfly Utopia

When I was 10, Chumi ( my 3rd sis) and I followed Suja ( my first sis) and her now husband, then boyfriend=) to the butterfly park. Out of the many many creatures that I saw there, which I don't remember now, only one butterfly caught my eye and the image of it has been locked in my memory for a very long time. It is the snake butterfly. Look at the ends of the wings and you would be able to see the head of a snake at both sides.Awesome! The most beautiful creature yet dangerous looking at the same time. Beauty and the beast in one frame? Maybe. Anyway, it is called the Atlas moth.The great Atlas Moth is believed to be the world's largest moth. The Atlas Moth is named after the Greek titan Atlas, who was punished with the weight of the Earth on his shoulders for eternity. Females are considerably larger than males. Atlas Moths are sometimes raised for their silk, known as "fagara". Their cocoons are used to make purses in Taiwan. And you know what's the cool thing , its only purpose in the world is to mate! Yes, you heard it right, only to mate. So, it only lives for a period of one or two weeks. Sadly, it does not have a mouth, thus it does not eat and survives off deposits reserved when it was a caterpillar.The part that its pretty with all the vibrant colours and looks fearsome sounds great but not the fact that it does not have a mouth!!! Aiks, I can't imagine not having one=)

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