Friday, April 10, 2009

If Only I Can Hit The Rewind Button...

~11 months and still fresh~

Missing you! Teared many times cause the thought of you just keeps coming back though at times I tried running . I felt hurt and crushed the day a new political change took place. I only realized we had a new prime minister during the mid day, felt very upset, at that very moment wished you were here telling me and discussing what's going on.You should know better, politics and me are far apart, yet I try so hard to keep abreast with everything new, but at times I just can't and really wished you were here, cause ALL things were so much easier in your presence.You will be surprised to see me now if you were physically present, I have changed so much, feel like I am growing up everyday. TOO matured at times, at times feel like going back to the usual me, to be just like how I was in your presence, feel like listening to all the advices and stories we used to share. Missed the "standing in the balcony times" and making fun of ama. Really wished it could all happen again. Missed you calling me "simandhi putri". Now its me and my battle!

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