Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just One Of Those Things To Ponder On

I can't stand insensitive people! Yet, they are whom I meet again and again. And when do you come across them? When your mood is already down and they come along to make it worse! I could have snap back at them, but no I could not do that ( so me) , I would probably end up feeling bad and have tears rolling down my cheeks. Annoying I know! It is not that I am afraid but it is the fact that I am not going to change anything by shouting back. These are the sort of people that feels the pleasure from hurting someone! So, no point arguing, you will probably end up looking far worst than them. The positive way of thinking - just be happy that by being the victims of these insensitive people , you actually make them feel happy=) You feel like murdering me? =) I know, haha. Anyway I meet a wonderful character last week. My lecturer actually , she was telling me about her life ( as usual , I somehow get myself connected to many people, but the Question is where do I go for my own comfort???) and how she had to endure many things to be where she is now. Someone very strong and positive I would say, second to my mum! She was harsh on me not to give up in life! Yes , harsh! She was one of those people who don't motivate you in a soft manner more like the threatening way. Whatever it is , I still feel blessed to have spoken to her. You will be amazed when you speak to people, only to realize what are all the things they had to go through in life to be where they are! Till then, lets keep the happiness chain rolling! Make someone happy today though yours is quite crappy! Love You!

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