Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Me and the "liltle" Gods


Me and Sinduja

Me and Divu

Me and Thejas

Kids! They colour my world! A picture of God's perfection. Its like having God next to you.A world with no problem, all laughter, crying and fighting, and yet no grudge. Absolute perfection. They bring smile to my face, brighten my day and my heart feels lighter.They say the wackiest things and also the most intelligent things, that make you think. Fat, round, ball-like babies are ma favourite with big big eyes and all smiles.Sometimes I can't control myself, just feel like pinching their cheeks and taking them home! I like to make kids cry, love the change in their expression, hai, so adorable! Nop, I am not a sadist. You will understand what I am talking about when you grow up with a child. I have always wanted a "kindergarten" full of kids, probably will have my uterus out with the birth of my last child=) I just wish kids never grow up , they just remain the same all throughout, quite impossible I know,will continue loving these "little Gods" with all my heart!

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