Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Happy April's Fool!* not to sure if people actually wish, but i do, makes me happy* Did not play a prank on anyone though.A friend tried, but it went unfruitful=) Anyway, wanted to share something very interesting from my psychiatry class. My lecturer said that we are all like onions! Ring a bell??? Yup, that's exactly how Shrek described himself to donkey! We are made from layers and layers of extremely thin skin that makes up a big fat ball- the onion! Depending on which layer that is being peeled, we portray our emotions! See, no one is perfect, as much as we try to maintain our cool and walk around like nothing bothers us ( which as a matter of fact they often do) just that it is all stored up under this so called thin layers of the onion, just waiting to blow up one day when someone steps on the trigger button! At times its better to let go off your frustration to a close friend at that very moment than bottling it up, as it will only be disastrous for us in the end. So, that's basically a philosophical theory, upto us on how we want to perceive it.As for me, I absolutely agree with Shrek!By the way, finally got my net connection, but kinda slow, and as usual there are just so many things to pen down but time is my major problem now! Will try to find the time though, till then, wishing you a blessed day and love you all!

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