Thursday, May 7, 2009

Break The Rules

Dance your way to happiness! I don't know about you people , but dance is life for me ! I dance when I am happy, I dance when I am sad , I dance when I am angry, I dance when I am hurt , I dance when I am stressed, I dance for any sort of emotions a human can possibly possess! I am myself when I dance- some say I go into a state of trance=) It brings out the inner side of you- maybe wild, seductive , sexy- anything and everything that is kept locked in you. Its an expression.Every movement , every step , every curve is an electrifying feeling. For once in life you will be yourself. I feel good about myself when I move- I forget how I look and how I feel at that point of time- its like the "high" feeling after a booze ( not like I had any of such feeling, though I wanted badly to get a hang-over- it did not work for me, think the tolerance rate is high, plus the whole idea is out my mind for now!) Just dance and move to the music in your heart , so what if the steps are not right , what if you don't learn the right moves , if you do it with love, it will turn out just fine! Shake those hips, let loose those shoulders , and sway around-for happiness is something only you can create, none others would ( unless and of course you find the perfect soul mate- then I believe the musical tune that springs from the heart doubles , and so will the happiness). So get hold of anyone near you and start dancing now- its an addiction! As for me , I would love to learn a few proper dance moves , waiting for this" spare tires "to deflate=) before I start.