Saturday, May 16, 2009


Why do we have expectations in life? Why when we met people , we expect them to be like what we want(not referring to looks, but the way they treat us) or rather expect them to do things that we think they will do, when they don't, we get really dissapointed and crushed. Though its hard, it is always better to be yourself , do your part and give without asking, without expectations! Cause trust me, the after effect of not being appreciated, of not being bothered will get to us, then the dissapointment will set in. Life is beautiful but our feelings and emotions will distract us, will get us out the right track.It will take some time to get back on track after that, will feel "derailed"! But as humans, its never easy , guess that "s what makes us grow each day , we get tune to things in life after all the heart break! I like people whom are themselves, I dont trust girls and guys who are so called innocent and naive , I like those who speak their mind, those who potray their true self. I never used to be like this but I have seen so many of those so called "nice" people who has intentions but they are all covered cause of the looks and pretentious characters. The only credit that goes to them- such good actors! Such is life , we fall then we climb...

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