Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Am A Teddy Bear

Why does she keep staring at me? I can see the warmth in her eyes and the love in her heart.She runs to me when she needs someone to hear her cry her heart out. I do nothing, I just listen cause I am a good listener. She hugs me when she wants to feel secure. I wish I can do the same in return but I can't cause my movements are restricted, I only move around when she thinks of taking me with her. She fights for my rights especially when it comes to her brother , who constantly thinks she is stupid to be with me , he calls it "childish for her age". But he can't see what I see. She has everything, a mum , a dad , a brother yet she feels lonely! She has no one to console her, to cheer her up, to give her a big hug and to tell her everything is going to be fine. He cant see her heart like I do. And, today she looked at me for a very long time , with tears rolling down her cheeks wetting the bed linen, then she took some photos out and kept staring at them, then she wrote a note and left it on the bed.She looked crushed! She came to me and gave me a big hug. Why do I feel this was going to be my last hug? She walked to the drawer and took out a bottle and gulp the pungent smelling liquid...about a second later , she laid motionless on the floor. I was CRUSHED! I no its the end, I won't have anyone for myself anymore. I wish I could have done something to stop her. And who am I? She calls me "teddy"!

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