Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Mask

My heart is aching.I wish I can capture this moment. Seize everything - my friends, my time , friendship, wishing everything will be back to normal. Being in the same circle of friends , and sharing the same joy. The moment this exams are over , things are going to be very different. For once in life if I ever love the existence of exam , is during this period of my life , just being in the company of old friends, doing the same things as them. I feel like screaming out loud asking Lord why this has to happen this way? I know the answer won't be apparent now , but someday, I am hoping HE will show me the answer, there has to be a reason for all these! Till then the clock is ticking... You know when people say there are different chapters in life , this is just one of it , that I am going through , I do realize , but when I think with my heart and use emotions along with it , I can't control my tears. At times , just once , I wish I am emotionless! Its funny ,people around me don't seem to realize I have a heart , well of course , all my laughter overrules all the tears. So, the sadness is masked!

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