Saturday, June 13, 2009

Family - The Place I Belong

The lovely christmas tree that added magic to the atmosphere! Notice the presents aound it? I had one too, thanx chum!

Up close & personal with THE turkey ready to be stored in the tummy!

My wonderful family getting the food going. It's a family curse- we love food!

Part of the crowd, the rest is dispersed at different angles of the house!

She is all smiles. I know what's running in her mind- it spells F-O-O-D=)

Father & son having discussion perhaps?

The girl is talking to Lord, " its madness God , they love the food better than me"
Oh, by the way, that's my favourite spot in the whole house- the balcony , where dad & I share wonderful stories & make fun of mom! Talking about trying to forget memories and move on...

Finally ----> Me & my lovely sis! I arrived at 5.30 in the morning , whacked all the food & had chevas=) & a good sleep! Thank you for bringing the family together!

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