Saturday, June 13, 2009

I Feel The Breeze

~Happy Father's Dad~

to the man who held my hands and took me through the smooth pathway of life for 21 years,
making sure no thorns dared touch my skin on our journey,

making sure the road I am trudging is straight ahead leading right to the door of my destiny
to the same man who is still guiding me through the rough ride of my life for the last one year
only to make sure that this time I don't allow anyone to break my spirit,
who is making me strong everyday
to the same man whom I thought has taken everything when he left , but to realize how wrong I was , he has left behind the most valuable gift-his teachings on life and love!

you are the most priceless gift I could ask for
i count my blessings everyday
you left
i hear them whisper
you are here
only i know
you are like the wind
i can't touch nor see you
but i feel your presence...

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