Thursday, August 13, 2009

Aliaune Badara Akon Thiam

After deleting four different starting lines , now, I am just being purely honest and off to writing down everything and anything that comes to my mind.First "honesty", I have just got the first up-close look at his picture.I have seen snippets of him in the magazines before, and that's pretty much of my obsession with him. Okay, let me put it this way , I have this mega-mega (I have no idea if such word really exist, but I was trying to sound exaggerating cause I really like him , and it had been a rather "flat" day , & my moods aren't that high, and yet I insist on writing on him write now,though I do realize I am not writing with all the emotions and so I thought I would rather insert a few words here and there to let know of my liking) (Forgive me if I sound insane, but I think its the coffee) obsession over him, but not referring to him directly, its his songs.Yes, I just realize I LOVE his songs more than him. His songs always had the perfect music and words to it ( I know, his songs are what we would call"raw or to open or to straight to the point"), but nevertheless, it does not seem to bother me much, cause it had always been a turn on! I don't mind listening to it anytime of the day and in what-so-ever mood I am. It still sounds perfect to me. And my second "honesty" is that, I had know idea his full name is Aliaune Badara Akon Thiam. What's worst , I just looked up about him on the net 5 minutes ago before I decided to post a blog on him!*** The real thing is I have always liked him, like a lot, or at least that's what I always meant , but it just struck me that I am in love with the man only for his songs and his unique voice( many refer to him as a singer who sings through his nose, whatever it is, nose or mouth, still only he can produce the most turning-on songs!). Once I was caught in a conversation with a friend on our way to work.Being the usual me, my hand instantaneously increased the volume when Akon's song was playing filling the car with all the turn-on molecules and bringing me into my own fantasy land and already having choreographed a dance step for the song , and of course seeing myself dancing to the tune, ignoring my colleagues laughter and conversation.Than , out of the blue, my friend asked "He is an American mix right? Akon?". I froze for a while, hmm, wait just a second I am getting back to the back of my mind for a piece of information about him....damn! it is not there, it never was! Simply because I never checked on him at all, I could not even have a clear picture of his face in my head! How on earth did that make me a fan? I, of course said " Oh, I am not sure" instead of definitely saying "I don't know". Than it had me thinking, should I only be labeled a loyal fan if I knew in and out about him.Honestly, the man is a singer, and his duty is to sing. And I love him, but its not him the person , its him the song.So,what's all these fuss about not knowing his origin and his life story? I mean c'mmon, I am not marrying this man , am I? ( Though I doubt, I would go so in depth when it comes to my own man one day) But the thing is, when it comes to an actor , it is different, first you fall for his looks than the way he acts, next thing you know, you will know all the information about him. I think it is the interest that hits you once you have a look at the actual person behind the voice that spur us to check the whole detail on him-right from the time he was born to the current life of his! So, the next time, I say I like Akon, I think ( not particularly sure at this moment cause I just had a close look at him and I think he might have created some interest in me, so the feeling is due to change in the days to come but for now this is it) I mean his songs. Oh, yes the other thing besides the songs, will be his body, well toned and perfect=) And, oh yes , I have taught my buddy( me mother) to pronounce his name.... " Ma, this is my favorite singer-Akon" and she being herself , never fails to pull through the day without purposely stepping on my nerves & went on to say " Oh, that's easy Air-Cond" ...." No, ma, its Akon, A...THAN KON" .. " Yes, that's what I said Air-Cond" Arrghhh! Frustration, yet I thought it was kinda cute and funny=) It was more like teaching Detective Clouseau to pronounce "hamburger"!

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Anonymous said...

IF akon wasnt alive i wouldnt be able to wake stay good in school every morning on the bus i gotta listen to music so it akon music hollla holla ;right now (na na na);im so paid ;beutiful;