Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm Wine

I sat at the corner. I looked around. There were beautiful colours everywhere with soft music in the background. Imagine a black paper splashed with rich red,pretty purple,bold blue, and oh-so lovely orange.I see people everywhere. Happy people.Why is she laughing I wondered? He must have said something funny.I thought to myself. A stage? Yes, there is one with a keyboard and a guitar on the floor with a big banner or cloth ( not too sure) with the word "Manila Spice" written on it. Manila Spice??? It does not ring a bell! I eavesdropped my owner saying "They are the hot gals from Manila. " Hot=Spice, right, that made sense , these girls sing and dance till the morning hours. Cool, I thought.Can't wait for them to start and spice things up.Oh by the way, people call me Malibu. I just sit in a glass house. I see the world outside through my transparent walls. And , I have a friend.She is called the "cherry". I never questioned but we always come together.
Inseparable. She either gets eaten up at the very beginning of the journey or later on once my owner is done with me. Whatever it is our life span is roughly about 40 minutes to an hour,if lucky we get an extra 1 hour. I love to just sit and observe people.I am what u call the observer of life. I managed to make a 360 degree turn with the help of my owner.
Wait a minute, it is the same lady, but the man? Oh my god, its a different guy! The lady, a Filipino, walked in with a well dressed gentleman.They got their drink and took a sit by the counter. Within an hour, some other older guy is sitting in his place. She looked uncomfortable and her eyes was scanning the room for the well dressed gentleman, but he was nowhere to be seen. Next I knew the crowd was cheering..Oh, its the spice gals, dancing and moving their stuff on stage. They look "fleshy".

*** my life span has just got shorter ***

After one session of the performance, one of the gals walked up to my owner's table and shook hands with all of them. Remember the old man sitting with the lady? He was talking to one of this gals with his hands taking the "opportunity" to touch them. Such a jerk! To my left, I saw this girl, she had a body hugging dark mysterious looking purple dress on her.Wow, lovely dress. By the way, this "purple-girl" looked like she was on trance (medically thinking, looked like she is having an Xtreme epilepsy!) She went on and on dancing with her 6 inch heels, man, how on earth did she managed to do that. She practically dirty-danced with every men there. I am lost for words. I was lost in my thoughts.. Just one more sip, and I will be gone. My friend, tequila, will be taking over my place shortly.Oh cherry is also gone! What a life? I thought. I never understood why some people behave as such, is it stress that is getting to you or purely attention that you need... Whatever is it, I know I can't do anything, I only observe, cause my name is wine...

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