Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Did I Hear You Say Saree? See, Now I Am Grinning

Holla=) Hope you people had a wonderful weekend. I know I did. What I did? SHOPPING! And this was not your typical walk into the stores and walk out with a bag of Prada or Gucci or DKNY. It was what I call the "cultural-shopping". Yup, it was Saree-shopping. Oh my lord, do you know the feel it gives you. It was like entering an ice cream parlour. I felt the thrill and excitement of a 7 year old. Colours , just name it, gorgeous designs, materials as soft as the feel of ice cream slidding down your throat, hmmm....yummy! Ahh, I feel like screaming, being blinded by all these wonderful man-made creation. I don't want to leave this place. The 4 hour experience was like having heaven flashed before my eyes. The yellow georgette saree was similar to the lemon meringue ice cream, and then there was the rusty brown Saree with sequins work on it which reminded me of a perfectly blended chocolate ice cream "designed" with chocolate rice=) I only had patience that lasted for 10 minutes, before I start digging in=) I pulled out nicely folded Sarees and practically everything that my hands could reach. I, ( would be wrong to use I its more like we- my sisters and mum, remember when committing a crime-like act, always include the rest so that it would not reflect too bad on you) had the man tie up the Saree for us, more than one piece of course.It was hard to satisfy my Saree liking cause my only problem seem to be I am in love with all the Sarees. But, when I came to my senses I knew I had to make one choice- and it was the white Saree with pretty flower motifs and a turquoise border splendidly designed with sequin hand-work that caught my eye. You know what I felt that day when I left, I wanted to do it again, the whole experience was simply perfect and I felt happy. Anyway, when I was back home , we sat and planned out our Saree blouse designs.And, I am sticking with my halter neck. A change for once! Once I am done with that, its time for the perfect shoes and the accessories to go with it=) It is never easy to be a women!Too many choices, too little aspirin=) Now, what I really need is a change in career. A Saree model perhaps? I would love too

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