Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Train Journey

Cool!I have never really blogged on a train journey.Yup,I am in a train on my way to meet my mummy dearest.I had no idea I can get connection from here.Talking about technology wonders! I just took a 10 min break to actually see if I can get on-line.And I did ( I am still in disbelief) =). Anyways, I bought a book to keep myself occupied and KFC to keep my tummy occupied ( had no heart to let her starve=)) Oh, the book would be "The God Of Small Things" by Arundhati Roy. My initial plan was to get Jodi Picoult's Changing Heart and hop into the train, but somehow, among all the books with wonderfully designed covers on the shelf, the book by Arundhati Roy caught my attention. So, yes, once again I followed my instinct and bought the book.The other thing that I did today or rather followed my instinct again was, I skipped class. It was with another batch of a whole new students. God, the fear, the anxiety just took over me.I asked what worse can happen, I would probably be called to the dean's office.They wouldn't slaughter me as a punishment,would they? So,what the hell, I did not go, instead drove to the train station to buy my tickets instead!Now, coming back to my train journey. I have got the upper berth.Oh by the way, they have got the world's tiniest stairs to get into the train. About four finger breadth. And, I as usual with my heavy bag and a bottom to go with it=) had to climb myself up.I went swinging at one point, before I could properly get myself to balance on the metal and was sure I had the gravity pull equally on both my legs, which was when I jumped into the train. Next,came the second challenge,remember I mentioned UPPER berth, yup you guessed it right, another flight of stairs ( not really flight) but this, I pull through successfully. My journeys are always filled with some readings, food, the beautiful scenes along the way ( in some places only though, cause most of the time its just green plants that pass by like lightning trying to keep in pace with the accelerating train), memories,memories,memories, then my hopes, daydreaming, tears, and finally sleep.Oh not to forget, my songs to keep me company.But, I keep forgetting my mp3 in these past two train journeys. But today,today is different, its blogging while on the move=) A whole new experience.Thrilling. I am sitting in a confined space on an 8 inch bed with white sheets behind the somewhat muddy green curtain typing away.Now,tell me, isn't that exciting. Hehe. Did I forget to mention that , the white and green are the only colours in the train besides the fluorescent light. Just, about half and hour ago, I had a friend send me a poem in Tamil, which she has promised to read to me the next time I see her. Just yesterday as we spoke, she told me about Santa Banta joke. I am like what??? Santa what? Not again. The eerie feeling just got back to me. The last time I spoke with a guy friend of mine, who was apparently telling me a knock knock joke, and was shocked to find out I had no reaction after he said knock knock, ( I had no idea I was supposed to say something, so I did what I am best at , just listened,anyways come to think of it, the whole situation turn out to be a joke,haha),now its Santa Banta taking over. I just laughed my head out thinking...not again.Is there an universal classification for jokes or something which I am missing out on? Oh by the way, I have always visualised one of my train journey to turn out to be like the one from Varnam Aiyaram or Jab We Met, but my lucky stars have a mind of their own. May be one day , I might find my Surya or Shahid *wink,wink* Well, I always thought the fact that I am taking the berth had an impact of me not seeing Mr.Right yet (come to think of lame reasons to satisfy my emotinal curiosity)


sham said...

I like this one...the whole idea of Surya appearing with his charming smile...:)

rubashini said...

Yup yup the smile, the guitar...hmm,keep me thinking where are all the good looking guys? they are either married/ gay / or taken..but I am still waiting patiently and praying in silence for someone to appea=)