Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Look,What The Hot Sun Has Done To My Brains

The setting: Driving Sylvia on a bridge on the way to campus.

Time: Noon

What happened? : I just had an unexpected conversation taking place at the back of my head. A thought people, don't get confused. Anyway, here it goes.

Boy: Why don't you sleep with me?

Girl: I really love you, I do, but I can't.

Boy: Why? Don't you trust me. You are not the only one giving yourself to me, look at me, I am also giving myself ( body) to you.

Girl: Duh, you are the one with d..k(please fill in yourselves) , not the uterus!

My question?/ Just wondering: Had any guys in their life uttered this line"You are not the only one giving yourself to me, look at me, I am also giving myself ( body) to you", though I am pretty sure "Don't you trust me" is an universal language for guys.

P/S: I had no idea where that came from, I think its the hot sun and the bridge to be blamed=)

Life - The Way I Create It

Life is like an unmelted piece of gold served before your eyes. Sparkly and shiny. The one who owns it is the master. Usually the rich and hails from a pool of famous genes. The ones who don’t, works hard for it. It is the cause of glamour and popularity. It is also the cause for jealousy and envy Life is as such; like an unmelted gold waiting to be molded, or shall I say to be lived. Every nook and corner is dealt with delicately, in the best interest of the owner. What happens if there is fault in the making of that particular gold earring or chain or ring? Do we throw it? No, we simply unmelt and remake it. What if its life? Every road crossed, every path taken, there is always a rough ride and bumps. Can we stop and restart? Never! Instead every misfortune is taken in as an experience or an opportunity to smoothen our journey as we go, to cross every hurdle. You be the guide, the pilot, the captain of the ship! Sail your boat to your destination. You can if you believe it. Never let anyone tell you, you can’t. Don’t let them decide. Just remember, any problem can be solved. Talk. They (whoever it is involved) are also humans. There are too many good things out there in the world, hence there is no time for regrets, brooding, and feeling sorry. Seize the day and live every moment of it. Say sorry if it is your mistake. Be thankful for all the smallest tiniest reasons, for it may be less important, BUT it is still important. Don’t be judgmental. Get to know the person. Live life to the fullest each day!

P/S: Quoting my mum " Never say die before you try!"

Monday, October 26, 2009

My Life:Less Than 48 hours

Aloha! Happy Diwali! Its never too late to wish,I hope. Mine was somewhat a quiet celebration.First day was all gloomy,the second day was more like a celebration with all the relatives around.Despite all, the absence of the one person is still felt- felt incomplete! Just a minute--- hmm, the last bite from my black forest ice-cream, yum yum! I have always wondered why is it called as such-black forest???They were not kidding when they say the 22nd bite is the best-all chocolate-y giving u an euphoric state! Anyways, nowadays, I eat ice-cream on special occasions- did I hear you ask what's the occasion? Well, even if you don't ask I wanna tell--> I successfully manage to go through the day with 2 different batches of students. The first was not so bad, it was my ophthalmology new group, actually more like I am the new student in a group of 9 students! A friend of mine decided to introduce me rather loudly. I had 5 pair of eyes looking down at me.The boys said "hi" and I just said my name. The rest of the time, I was reading the book on my lap.No, not reading, repeating the first two words of the sentence, which made no sense to me! I was hardly concentrating! Next,came the lab session in the noon with my juniors. About 6o students in the heart was racing against my brain's impulses from not jumping out of my body, but thanks to my strong rib cages, it just remain there. Than, I was done for the day.Now, I have just one bunch of peers to go with for the next 6 weeks. Oh by the way, I end the day with my lecturer telling me that I have to join another batch of students in a few months time, hmm..great I thought to myself,what have I got myself into. Anyways, everything happens for a reason in life! Have a blessed day. Love ya...

Monday, October 12, 2009

I Ain't Perfect

Holla! Have you ever wonder why is it at times we are surrounded by our family members and yet there is a feeling of loneliness? Its like a missing piece of jigsaw puzzle; once the last piece is fixed its complete! Even frustrating when you can't find an answer to why you are feeling as such. We come up with reasons like no one understands me, no one pays attention to me, I am not important and stuff like that. Though it can be true, and I don't deny we all need someone in life, but at the end of the day it all boils down to us. Yes, you! We can't change much about how others perceive us or how people don't care for us enough; come to think of it everyone have their problems too, hence it is not possible to be there all the time, but what we can do is--> self-motivate! I don't think you have any choice. This is a crazy world with crazy people apart from the normal ones.It is more like for us to learn the art of survival in this world. Take the good things as it comes, and learning how to ignore insane humans is definitely necessary to survive. Or not you will probably end up living with negativity surrounding you. I am still learning to improve myself. I am probably only 35% well trained about the amount of shit there is out there and how to cope with it. Still in the learning process. But nevertheless, I try to improve myself. With all that said, I want to share a website with you people. It teaches you how to look at life positively, and to cope with all the different feelings you get each day!

Hope this helps you. Take five minutes each day to read. Maybe not now but it will be handy someday.May your day be blessed with happiness.Take Care.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Be positive!

This post is dedicated to my loosing weight plans.Each time I drop a kg, I will get this page filled up. Of course, the time period for it would be till February 2010. Anthony Robbins said always link pain to whatever you do. It is the pain that pushes you to achieve what you want.Don't settle for the temporary pleasure.So here goes. Putting up this post itself is causing me tremendous pain=) Anyways wish me luck! Oh yes,before I forget to mention, this page will be self - destructed on Feb 28 2010 if there are no entries!Adios!

Oh Why, Oh Why Mr.Sparks?

"Nights In Rodanthe , A Walk To Remember, The Notebook, Message In A Bottle."They are all great books with great stories.Each of this book is very well written. Their love stories, oh so wonderful,makes you want to fall in love! As you read it, you are brought into a different world.A world full of happiness, love, colours, spring time, chocolates-anything and everything that keeps you on top of the world.Along with the characters, you fall in love, in your own imaginary world. As you read, just about to hit the highest threshold level, suddenly you drop, why? Because, Mr.Sparks has already "murdered" one of the characters. Than, you cry buckets for it. The rest is history.As for someone like me who is emotionally oriented with everything I do, tears just flow and flow, and the rest of the day I will feel depressed, thinking that its so unfair that "he/she/they" have to die! I remember after reading Message In A Bottle, I cried and ran to mum, told her the synopsis of the story and complaining about the death of the character and how it put a stop to a beautiful love story. She told me to stop reading. "The author is using psychology to get his books sold.Probably you should write to him and ask."So, Mr.Sparks, if you happen to be reading this, why do you kill them, especially, in A Walk To Remember, I so thought it was unfair for her to find the love of her live only to have it for a short while. *Sigh* Nevertheless, you deserve credit for the best love stories written!I am not entirely sure how are the rest of his books, yet to be read.

p/s= Is the Hindi movie "U,Me Aur Hum" a remake of The Notebook?

The Other End Of The Line

This is my study-break movie.Don't understand?Each time I need a break from studies, you catch me watching this movie.It is too often, that I can watch the entire movie in one hour, cutting short the unnecessary part ( they should hire me to edit movies=) , keeping those that please me. It is a picture of a lady following her dreams. She works in a credit card company needing her to make calls and talking like an American.The one call that she makes, she felt a connection with the guy. Something magical she claims.And than she leaves to meet up with him. Oh, she is engaged by the way and yet that did not stop her. That's why I like it.Have you ever felt the connection when you speak to someone and than that instant you know you want to spend the rest of your life with him. Well, in this movie, her dream brings her to San Fransisco. Shriya acted well, but the way she spoke English makes me sick.It is as if she was forced to speak, made her look a little dumb. As for Jesse Metcalfe ( sweetheart) he just goes on charming everyone with his gorgeous smile. It is a must watch. Keeps you wondering if you ever happen to be in Shriya's place would you have taken the risk?