Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Life - The Way I Create It

Life is like an unmelted piece of gold served before your eyes. Sparkly and shiny. The one who owns it is the master. Usually the rich and hails from a pool of famous genes. The ones who don’t, works hard for it. It is the cause of glamour and popularity. It is also the cause for jealousy and envy Life is as such; like an unmelted gold waiting to be molded, or shall I say to be lived. Every nook and corner is dealt with delicately, in the best interest of the owner. What happens if there is fault in the making of that particular gold earring or chain or ring? Do we throw it? No, we simply unmelt and remake it. What if its life? Every road crossed, every path taken, there is always a rough ride and bumps. Can we stop and restart? Never! Instead every misfortune is taken in as an experience or an opportunity to smoothen our journey as we go, to cross every hurdle. You be the guide, the pilot, the captain of the ship! Sail your boat to your destination. You can if you believe it. Never let anyone tell you, you can’t. Don’t let them decide. Just remember, any problem can be solved. Talk. They (whoever it is involved) are also humans. There are too many good things out there in the world, hence there is no time for regrets, brooding, and feeling sorry. Seize the day and live every moment of it. Say sorry if it is your mistake. Be thankful for all the smallest tiniest reasons, for it may be less important, BUT it is still important. Don’t be judgmental. Get to know the person. Live life to the fullest each day!

P/S: Quoting my mum " Never say die before you try!"

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