Monday, October 26, 2009

My Life:Less Than 48 hours

Aloha! Happy Diwali! Its never too late to wish,I hope. Mine was somewhat a quiet celebration.First day was all gloomy,the second day was more like a celebration with all the relatives around.Despite all, the absence of the one person is still felt- felt incomplete! Just a minute--- hmm, the last bite from my black forest ice-cream, yum yum! I have always wondered why is it called as such-black forest???They were not kidding when they say the 22nd bite is the best-all chocolate-y giving u an euphoric state! Anyways, nowadays, I eat ice-cream on special occasions- did I hear you ask what's the occasion? Well, even if you don't ask I wanna tell--> I successfully manage to go through the day with 2 different batches of students. The first was not so bad, it was my ophthalmology new group, actually more like I am the new student in a group of 9 students! A friend of mine decided to introduce me rather loudly. I had 5 pair of eyes looking down at me.The boys said "hi" and I just said my name. The rest of the time, I was reading the book on my lap.No, not reading, repeating the first two words of the sentence, which made no sense to me! I was hardly concentrating! Next,came the lab session in the noon with my juniors. About 6o students in the heart was racing against my brain's impulses from not jumping out of my body, but thanks to my strong rib cages, it just remain there. Than, I was done for the day.Now, I have just one bunch of peers to go with for the next 6 weeks. Oh by the way, I end the day with my lecturer telling me that I have to join another batch of students in a few months time, hmm..great I thought to myself,what have I got myself into. Anyways, everything happens for a reason in life! Have a blessed day. Love ya...

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