Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oh Why, Oh Why Mr.Sparks?

"Nights In Rodanthe , A Walk To Remember, The Notebook, Message In A Bottle."They are all great books with great stories.Each of this book is very well written. Their love stories, oh so wonderful,makes you want to fall in love! As you read it, you are brought into a different world.A world full of happiness, love, colours, spring time, chocolates-anything and everything that keeps you on top of the world.Along with the characters, you fall in love, in your own imaginary world. As you read, just about to hit the highest threshold level, suddenly you drop, why? Because, Mr.Sparks has already "murdered" one of the characters. Than, you cry buckets for it. The rest is history.As for someone like me who is emotionally oriented with everything I do, tears just flow and flow, and the rest of the day I will feel depressed, thinking that its so unfair that "he/she/they" have to die! I remember after reading Message In A Bottle, I cried and ran to mum, told her the synopsis of the story and complaining about the death of the character and how it put a stop to a beautiful love story. She told me to stop reading. "The author is using psychology to get his books sold.Probably you should write to him and ask."So, Mr.Sparks, if you happen to be reading this, why do you kill them, especially, in A Walk To Remember, I so thought it was unfair for her to find the love of her live only to have it for a short while. *Sigh* Nevertheless, you deserve credit for the best love stories written!I am not entirely sure how are the rest of his books, yet to be read.

p/s= Is the Hindi movie "U,Me Aur Hum" a remake of The Notebook?

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