Sunday, November 29, 2009

23 And Don't Feel Like One

Its exactly 23 years today, since my existence in this world. Yup,its my birthday.So,Happy Birthday to me. I was supposed to have completed my notes today, but, nop, had a change in plan. In total, I would have at least spend 3 hours on the phone today, that too two hours continuously. Now,I am finding myself having difficulties concentrating on anything.I think its the after effect of using the hand phone--- probably an estimated 10 % of my brain cells would have been dead by now=(. I actually feel the difference=) Forgive me, if you find myself crapping, but I am in the phase between "Shall I stay up and study" or " Shall I go to bed".I can feel my eyes burning! Honestly all I wanted to do was to write about life in the past 23 years.Now, that I am staring at the screen to type away, there is no output. Well, I think the "input" must have got destroyed with the cells. Anyway, quite a slow day, did not feel all the " Oh Yes Its My Day Today". Just felt like any other normal day. Got too emotional at one point of time. But, God is great know? He send me a cake and wishes in the form of my housemates! So,yes, for that I am grateful. Well,I think I am going to go to bed after all. Don't think the cup of coffee is going to make any difference. There were many things I learned this week from my friends, some really worth full lessons of life.Will share it with you guys soon.Have a blessed and splendid day ahead.And once again,Happy Birthday to me- what? Hey, it was the day I was born, I need credit for it=) Love you people. Oh by the way, I saw a picture of Susan Boyle today and I think she has got a nice hair do that suits her face. And, hmm,well, I actually think Adam Lambert looks good! I think its the eyeliner and spiked up hair and the.. well so not bad smile.

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