Monday, December 7, 2009

I Just Had My High School Life' Flashed' Before My Eyes

Pre-examination look:
- unruly eyebrows
- scratched marks and black spots on the face

- stressed induced hair drop
-weight oh weight-i have put on weight =(
-24 hour coffee smelling breath
- black circles around the eye

- white of the eye turning red in the evening

-a constantly beating heart

Haloha, I don't usually blog during exams-having a major exam. But anyways , thought I will write down what happened today before I loose my sentiments attached to the event of the day.By the way those description above are only applicable to me before major exams. I got up this morning with a somewhat depressed- somewhat scared- somewhat giving up feeling. Had to go see a lecturer today to clear some issues with attendance. But I was already not feeling that good about today. However, I went and got things settle. Than I met another lecturer ( you know the same person whom I spoke about in My Life: Less Than 48 hours- Part 2) to get my marks. Than we were discussing the answers. She complemented me=) it went something like this " You are an intelligent girl, you have answered very well, continue and do the same for your finals". As we were talking , she said " Don't run away from life". I am like huh??? Why suddenly? Out of the blue. But it sounded right, like a lesson someone needed to put through right into my head. " Don't be stressed, study, don't think of your problems, I know its not easy, keep them apart, even till now it affects me, but you have to do your best, all for your father, be a good doctor, and He will bless you". " God takes something and gives something else, you at least have your sisters to depend on." I teared. I hung my head down and silently thank her and was brought back to the past and suddenly reality hit me. Sometimes , just sometimes I wonder, why do I meet people like her,when, I am in the verge of giving up and breaking down and crying for the amount of stress I have, but she just gives me motivation out of the blue, its as if God told her to encourage me. I thanked her........(moments of silence for me to clear my thoughts).......... And made my way out of the office. So , as I was walking, these bunch of guys walked pass me. Suddenly, I heard someone shouting " Ruby". Huh? I am pretty sure I did not see anyone that I know in the last 6 feet distance. I turned and I see this guy walking up to me. Think Ruby , think , think fast, who is he??? Ringggg, oh my high school friend.Oh boy, it was surely nice to see him after, hmm, 6 years. I went like " Vicky?" "Yeah", came his response. Oh my god, "Vicky here? What are you doing?" Duh , obviously studying I thought to myself but you know I was all just excited to see a friend after such a long time.It was like a trip down memory lane just by seeing him. We spoke, and I got to know he joined my college after his college back in Padang was hit by earthquake. After which, we said our goodbyes. About 10 feet distance from me, he shouted and said " You have not changed!" I am like , oh my god , just strike my mind I am not all well dressed up today- With my extra pounds, hair tied into a bun, undone eyebrows, NO Eyeliner and mascara( the worst of all) , and a all scratched up face? Damn. Okay the thing is I would have like to see an old friend in a much more presentable way- you know like at least I have evolved in the last 6 years! God, I..., well, felt extremely disappointed and like really crushed=( I felt like telling him, " Hey buddy, check me out after 3 months okay? Now like I am having my finals, I am not really myself" but unfortunately, I could not shout in the presence of others. I just smiled and walked away. Well yeah, that was exactly how my morning was. I was happy to see him but was saddened later.But he is a smart guy, said it at quite a distance, or else I would have had him turned upside down and swallow back his words! Hehe. No doubt he has grown into one fine man.

P/S= Can't wait for the exams to be over! Please pray for me=) Love you people.

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