Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Man

I walked into the room
I see him
Sitting at the edge of the bed
His eyes looking at the floor
I have not seen him smiling
For months now
I teared
But quickly wiped it away
He must never see me crying
I reached for his hands
Slowly moistening his palm with the lotion
" Can you scratch my back?"
"Of course" I said
Dutifully doing what I was told
As a daughter
Do you want to watch a movie?
I persistently asked
Knowing both him and I enjoyed doing it
He scolded me
I cried
No, not because of what he said
But because I am aware of his pain
It tore my heart apart
Scolding God
For putting him through this
The days flew
And than came the time when he had to leave me
I hated God
Clueless as to whats happening
The man is no more
But his teachings and his memory
Will always be treasured...

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