Saturday, December 26, 2009

My love

His strong arms wrapping me
His breath gently
Moistening my neck
His heart beat
Singing our favorite song
His fingers artistically
Making its way up and down my arms
Stopping on its journey
To carve an invisible love on my skin
Only felt by me
Sending a wave of happiness
That slowly pulls me into a sea of joy
His toes naughtily caressing my legs
I let go a small giggle
With his constant kisses on my shoulder
I looked up at his face
His blue eyes is a beauty of its own
They instantly connected with mine
We spoke
With no words
A million things were said
Yet no one heard us
His face
Looked like thousands of diamonds
Put together
Glowing under the sunlight
I thanked Lord
A silent prayer went His way
Letting Him know
How grateful I am
To be loved!

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