Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Love, A Painful Bliss

Yet Painful,
Freedom it offers,
Yet trapped in an emotional circle,

Makes you wise,
Yet the slave of it,
Reassures happiness,
Yet empty promises

Gives you wings
Yet ties you down
Gives you hope
Yet breaks your faith

Glorifies you like a sun
Saddens you like dark clouds
Takes away your breath
Yet put an end to life
Can be the start
or the end
After all, it is love
Loving Obsessively
Vulnerability Eternally


Appendix & Wise Sayings

People have always overlooked the functions of an appendix. It has always been labeled the organ without a function. So, let me clear your doubts on it and tell you the sole purpose of the existence of an appendix.

Firstly,it is by far considered the most precious gift to the humans called house-officers.

The first diagnosis you are probably going to make when you are posted to the surgical department would be that of an acute appendicitis without the help of your senior houseman.
(There, now, doesn't that boost your confidence)

The first operation you are going to assist and do own your own would probably be an appendectomy and probably a few more appendectomies throughout your posting.( Practice makes perfect and makes you a better person)

You can call home and tell mum that you performed an operation successfully. There, it earns you pride and you make her happy. ( I sure hope your mum is not anywhere in the medical lline, otherwise you would not get that overwhelming response=)

So the next time someone tells you there is no value for appendix. Prove them wrong, tell them it is a precious gift born to serve the house officers. It boosts your ego, confidence, keeps you and the people around you happy! I love the appendix=)

P/S= No offense intended to any surgeons!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Need Motivation?

Going through a rather stressed and tough time...
This baby made my moments. I have taken the picture from the "Motivational Self Help Morning Thoughts" Blog, which I personally think all of you should really have a look at. It is very motivating.And I really love it! One of the sites I never miss reading.Very thought provoking posts. Please have a look at it


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Break ups? Move on!

No man is an island. Each of us need someone-be it a good friend,mum,dad,sister,brother, and grandparents.Someone to share our lives with. But to witness? To have someone to witness our life requires a soul mate. He/she will see you through every step you take. He/she becomes a pillar, a new found energy and strength to move on. See, the thing is not many of us ask for help if we needed one, so many boundaries and restrictions we place on ourselves to make that one step, but with a spouse it never happens.Somehow all ego gets broken, and we portray and share our emotions and our faith and place our trust on that one person. That's the reason why when a person loses his/her sincere first love due to unfaithfulness, it takes ages for them to come out of it. They have bared their raw soul to that one person and trusted them with all their heart. When it is broken, it leaves behind a deep scar and take ages to heal or the life is ended before the scar could even heal. Neither do they give a chance to themselves nor to the one who will be sincerely loving them in the future. Or they simply move on or commit themselves into relationships out of 'no choice' excuses.It is a pity because life does not just stop there.People fail to see there is more to life than just one failure.Often things happen for a reason.Why not look at the positive side of it. Even if it is not apparent than and there, it would be one day. You just have to start looking. Why not give yourself a second chance.You deserve one!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Asking Him Out On A Date?

Is it wrong to ask a guy out on a date? I mean I don't see the harm in it. You like someone and you want to get to know the person, you go for it. I used to think it is only right if the guy do so. Only right if he asks. But than again, how long do we have to wait before he asks? What if never does? Than what happens. It is different in this century, if we don't make the move, you will never know, you might miss THE one. Anyway it is not even to get married, it is just to get to know the person, that's all. So with that said, I shall make the move;) I know, I am crazy. I don't have the guts but think I will give it a shot. I wont be seeing him anymore in 2 months time, so what the hell, right? (This is worse than sitting for an exam)Directly I don't dare but indirectly I have a way of connecting with this one man I am crazy about, so let's see, which one I prefer. I need flower petals .... Anyone?

p/s= Any of you ladies have asked a man out? *winks*

Thursday, December 23, 2010

This moment

It is almost a month since I blogged.Been really busy with tons of things, some of which are as follows:
studies (top most)

toothache for the last 6 weeks (freaking painful; the worst pain I have ever
encountered so far!No kidding)

pain killer induced sleepiness( never take 2 tablets of Voltarene at one go, it is a
bad idea, you will be totally knocked out:I had a hard time keeping awake: as if
someone activated my sleep center in the brain! and this happened a night
before my exams)

bedside exams

classes, classes and classes

3 birthday parties to attend to(one every week: of course one of which was mine;)

And currently, falling in love with the most gorgeous man i know since the day i set my eyes on him and he is real ;)) I do not know what love is but if this is what
it is, than it is totally beautiful and I am loving it! ( the best part is my hormones
are not even fluctuating: its my heart that keeps skipping a beat:) Looking
forward to meet him again very soon...

Congratulations to my sister who just gave birth to a baby boy!I am a proud

Been busy after the floods in my place.The aftermath of it is seriously bad! This
is the first time I am dealing with natural disaster, but I thank the lord for so
many things!

I got to know a friend really close and learned a lot about other people's lives.

I love hibernating once in a while which I did over the last one month and cant
wait for Feb to do so again!=)

Watched Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and it was awesome.It has been long since
Bollywood produced beautiful love stories as such.So,go watch it!

Oh skipped the last day of my class that was supposed to be taken by a so called
very important lecturer to watch Rapunzel.Had to sneak out very carefully from
the class. But, God had different plans, my car broke down & had to be towed
away with me and a friend in it! It is super cool to sit in a car that is being towed
away( feel like a royalty=)) Anyway, I managed to catch the 3pm movie=) Loved
Rapunzel and Flint Rider!

- Yup, I think that is pretty much what happened. So, I have to get back to studies!
Love you people and I love life ( who said it sucks?). It is a God given gift, the
only thing that never ceases to stop even when the worst happens, so enjoy every
minute of it, okay? Spread the joy.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RUBY=) I feel as happy as a Pooh bear!I RECEIVED MY PARCEL OF LOVE FROM HOME- A DOZEN OF YELLOW ROSES AND A BOX OF FERRERO ROCHER. THANK U ALL( especially Sham for the effort,love you). Every year my birthday teaches me one thing- I am lucky to have a family like mine and to be a part of it. Counting my blessings. It gives me an energy to move on in life. THANX!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just Another Beautiful Saturday

Beautiful day.Morning all. I love Saturday. Lets see, plans for today:
- to temple
- buy a box of chocolate with a thank you note as a gift for a friend
(she has been a darling=)

- study with no stress
- and hopefully go to the hospital at night to clerk some patients

This coming exams are really freaking me out. Everyone , all my friends I mean, are leaving in their own world and are different. I, well, have not been doing things as per time. So today, I shall pen down things to be done in the next two months. A schedule to get me through my papers. I know each of us are different, but sometimes the competition can be really high, and that leaves you thinking if you have not done enough. Anyways, wish me luck! Its time to really get things done and to have all this negative thoughts, worries and stress stored away. God bless me=) Love you people. Hope all your good dreams come true today. And remember, try sending out positive energy, because as the saying goes what goes around comes around! Oh, just to add and to share with you wonderful people, this is the quote from my calendar that's on my table:

"Change your thoughts and you change your world"
-Norman Vincent Peale-

Love you.Bear hug to all.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Acha, Me And The Perfect Cup of Tea

I felt like having tea today after cleaning up my room. I usually never do my own tea.Its always amma who makes them for me, especially her super tasty masala tea! But, today, I was just so badly craving for it. And, so I did make myself a cup. Just than, I got back all the memories of making tea for acha years ago. Its routine acha always has two cups of tea- mid morning and in the late afternoon. Whenever amma used to be away at work, its only acha,divu(my niece) and me at home. So, I so very often used to make dad a cup of tea. But, it was more than a routine rather than something that I have to do. I never made it from my heart. I don't think I did. He never complained though, not even once. He drank faithfully. I made and he drank.You see, I am never really good at making tea nor coffee.It never comes easily for me. Even till now. I have always stuck with the 3-1's that is convenient and had a better taste. All through the years, twice acha complimented me. He said the tea was perfect. It was in perfect composition. I very often used to think really? The tea I make can turn out that well. But the irony of it all is, out of the 365 cups of tea per year that I did, and that is only for one year I am counting, I never made the perfect cup of tea. I just made, for the sake of it, I forgot that acha was drinking it.It was more of a routine. And yet he never complained, not even once, he never did. It only struck me today, cause my cup of tea was awful, it tasted like sugar dissolved in water when it was supposed to taste like tea. I felt a sense of regret. If he was here today, I would have served him with the perfect cup of tea all my life....

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Praying Mantis That Prays

Found this little fella praying on my house porch. He sat there for a few hours , not moving much, except that it turned its head for the photo shot=). Cute isn't he?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Look, What I Have Found

See, see, I found my file that I decorated when I was at the age of...(hmmm, I have forgotten), but never mind, I did it when I was a small kid, that I am sure.Pretty ain't it?=)

SS moment=) Hehe

Home SWEET Home

Going back home had always been an adventure for me. Besides the major cleaning to do, there is always a feeling of satisfaction and happiness. A feeling so beautiful. Yes, I am back home=) One week break and tons of cleaning ( really, tons). Plus, the joy of having everyone at home this festive season even if it is for a day, is one of my best moments in life.So, yes I am indeed looking forward to it albeit all the work. Now, washing and cleaning are all considered normal stuff but there are also other work that not many people will have the "opportunity" of doing after coming home in such a long long time. Well this opportunity was created by the.... "RATS".. argghhh! So here are some of the photos of my lovely break.So, here is the treasure. Rat shit! Dear ratty rat, kindly find a different place to shit and pee. My mum is really upset with you people. Don't spoil my holiday. As much as I think you are cute and all, please use the loo.It is just beside the kitchen,okay?

More treasure.Arghhh!Hmmm...this calls for patience!

=) Yeah mangoes. Mommy and me collecting these wonderful things.Yum, yum! While cherecha (uncle) is on the tree, giving it a real hard shake so that all the mangoes will drop down. Something that usually acha used to do.Finally,me=)) That's acha's hat on my head. He used to use it each time he is doing work. Ahh, I LOVE home! Totally!

P/S= Have to get back to studying very soon:P. Adios.Love Ya People! Happy Diwali!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Meet Mr.X:Reformed or Multiple Personality Disorder

This is Mr.X and his car.A picture that I drew yesterday.Now the big cross over his face is not by me it is by the friend of mine who wanted Mr.X to have a heart attack. Anyway, today,is the third day of class. And.... Mr.X was an angel.No kidding! We saw a reformed man. A man with full of philosophy. And when Mr.X is talking 'professional', he really talks professional. No one person has got my full attention in the many years but Mr.X did( okay a little too exaggerated, maybe some people manage to get my attention). What I am really trying to say is that I have got a short attention span, and today I was so engaged with the way Mr.X spoke. I am serious , no sarcasm here, he is good when he wants to be otherwise he is plain psycho. And I liked him today. Was he really a reformed man or is he having a multiple personality disorder?

P/S= As much as he was a nice man and my friend and I would like to revive him from the 'impending' stroke and heart attack , there are still a majority of them who do not like/trust Mr.X.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Slow Day And Hand Art

This is the result of the last day of being in the Orthopedics department. Plus, it was an extremely slow day as if the clocks have all temporarily stopped working, nevertheless it was a beautiful day.As a result, we ended up with hand art (is there such a thing?) .That is my hand=) and the work of art is by Priya. Cute ain't it?
On another note...my specialist told us that he was not around for the weekend, he went for the motor GP. I thought it was so exciting and cool, so my curious button got turned on and also my blur button (I have no idea where is it placed) , so I innocently asked "Sir, u took part in the motor GP or were you just a spectator?" ( Either way I thought is so cool for him to attend it) .He looked at me in confusion and answered rather pitifully "No, I went as the medical team in charged of sports injury" and PUFF!!! My curious bubble burst. "Oh", is all I could say and followed by fits of laughter from the class=)

p/s=Funny, but I am missing orthopedics posting!

Meet Mr.X

Meet Mr. X. He is a psychiatrist. Now, this is a brief summary on Mr.X that took place in less than 24 hours. First, he makes us go on a 2 hour journey ( to & fro) for classes. We were told to be there at 8.30 and so we did. Waiting....still waiting, there Mr.X walks in at 9.2o, pheww, finally! Mr.X thinks this place has got snow, hence explains the blazer that he wears 24-7. One glance, and you might be fooled into thinking he is the new pub singer in town.No, absolutely not! Mr.X is a psychiatrist. Second day of class, thus Mr.X feels it is his utmost responsibility to make our lives miserable. Some of his words uttered at 9.45 am are as follows:
  • You all are a lazy bunch of people
  • I can't tolerate this D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G (please stress to give it the extra effect) attitude! ( If I am not mistaken this was the same line uttered by Kareena's fiance in the movie 3 idiots,hmm,talking about originality)
  • I will neglect all of you!
  • You can bring a horse to the water, but you can't make it drink.
Next goes the poor boy to start his presentation.Now, Mr.X, the psychiatrist, is buzy with his phone for the next 20 minutes. The poor boy hasn't got the perfect command of language, it is broken, so what happens next? Mr.X, the psychiatrist thinks it is time he came back in action, so poor boy gets scolding and was sent back to his chair. Next,comes the second poor boy, well he ended up with the same fate. So at 10.00am, Mr.X says:
  • This is ridiculously stupid! ( Yes , Mr.X is a psychiatrist, you are right!)
Oh, did I mention in between those ridiculously stupid presentation, Mr.X, the PSYCHIATRIST had his left leg rested on the top of the chair in front of him (talking about disgusting characters), and voila removes his foot few seconds later. Now, Mr.X is angry, so he wants the topic presentations to start. So, goes the third know-how-to-survive-boy, he talks, and talks, at 10.10 am, the electricity decides to play its role by taking a few minutes off, so we were in darkness.Hmm, now funny enough, this did not make Mr.X angry, instead he was hungry, so he decides to go for breakfast. At 10.12 am ,right before his breakfast journey starts, he says "Please do not waste my time if you all are not interested". Pity third know-how-to-survive-boy, electricity caused him dishonor from Mr.X. Now, being a psychiatrist , Mr.X decides to be considerate and to come back after 50 minutes to take the class, that included the time taken to eat and partially digest the food. Class starts at 11.02 am till 11.53 am. Being a busy man, Mr.X went on meddling with his phone throughout the class.

The story does not just end there. Of course not. The fourth victim decides to try her luck, so she goes forward to say "sorry". What do you think Mr.X the psychiatrist would have said? "Three words I dislike in English, and one of it is sorry" ( no prize for guessing which Tamil movie actor said this=) (Yes , I am also curious what are the other two words). This is the story of Mr.X, the psychiatrist.And you know what is the best part of it, Mr.X is a PSYCHIATRIST!

It took 93 minutes to know:
  • Mr.X is a male chauvinist pig
  • Many wanted him to have a heart attack
  • Some preferred hemorrhagic stroke as it carries a worse prognosis
  • He is a dominating ,boatsful, loves-himself male
  • He sold his Mercedes Benz as it was a temporary habitat for cockroaches and bought a new one
Difficult facts to digest:


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wrong Diagnosis & I Broke Down

I have been having this nagging knee pain for a long time now.It got severe and I finally decided to see the doctor to clarify things. All went well and I got the X-rays done. And than it was time to review the x-rays in my presence of course. Before the film could pop up in the screen, she asked me to be strong, instead I told "no worries, all will be fine." Than, there it was. The density that I saw, I teared. She said she will get it reviewed and get a second opinion from the consultant. I waited restlessly.And at one point of time I could no longer hold my emotions and I started crying. Few hours later she called me up. I went to meet her telling myself all the time to be strong. Puff! the balloon was deflated! Boy , was I glad to know it was a wrong diagnosis. I was advised for a physiotherapy instead and to come again if the pain persists.

Now, that was the situation. It was a few hours of emotional downturn in my life. And the one person that came to my mind was dad. Part of me told myself to be positive and the other half just could no longer hold the tears anymore. But I was sure glad to know it was all fine. That day made a lot of difference and thought me a lot of new things.

p/s= I was totally drained out of energy that day and all I needed at the end of the
day was my bed and my sleep!

God Keep My Lecturers Sane!

(*This post is written purely after witnessing some lecturers behave*)As one gets older, one gets wiser! Now,that's common saying. But it does not apply to all. What I have observed is that as one gets older, one gets sarcastic, cynical and is filled with ego. And this apply true to most male lecturers, whose body pores are clogged with egoistic dust that do not allow them to breathe. Imagine this one lecturer who never gets satisfied with anything you do or rather I do in this context.He says things rather blandly.He behaves worst than my 8 year old nephew! I mean common if we knew all the things we would not be students we would be lecturers. How hard I try to please him, he always has that sarcastic smile that says tons of mean things without even uttering a single word.There was once , when he took our class and he talked something about knowing our subjects in and out, so he came up with this " If you know something so well, you can apply it in everything you do" next came the example of it - "I will horizontalize your perpendicularity" (apparently something uttered by a mathematician when he got angry with someone). Well, apparently that's the only thing about the entire class that I remember. He is so rigid. Wish he was a little flexible. Despite all this nonsense I still like him. And reasons for that? Because he reminds me of acha- certain things he talk, his nose ( a little long but almost similar), his cheeks especially, his colour and his spectacles ( same colour frame and size but it only lacks that extra smaller lens that there is in the middle like acha does) and to a certain extent his rigidity ( I remember having to remind acha how to smile all the time). Well he is still okay to a certain extent. But the worst is this other old man with titles attach to his name. All of those titles gives him respect anywhere and everywhere he goes, no the title is not GOD and yet he behaves like one. It gives me the shivers each time he smiles cause it is reeking in impurity and extremely fake. Boastful, definitely he is! My god , he deems respect all the time. We HAVE to listen to him and yet he asks for opinions from us when at the end of the day he is sticking with his decisions. A real pain! And totally makes our lives miserable. Favoritism is his in thing. If he likes a student, than it never matters how freaking stupid you are and you will always be liked. That's totally insane! The older he grows, the more crazy he gets. The only thing that is good about him is that he takes good lectures on a certain topic , otherwise I would not have an itsybitsy respect for him. On another note I was with a frustrated guy friend few days ago when he said this "Honesty does not serve its purpose , you must know how to survive" How true!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Breasts:Not All That Pretty

Breasts have always been a sexual attraction to all men and a self confidence tool to females , thus it is never rare to find women wanting to perform breast enhancing surgeries to please both the genders. Now , the issue comes when a male has breasts. Not that I am saying they don't, they do , but what if it were to be as the size of a female breast, that too on a 14 year old boy. This is a syndrome. It is called the Klinefelter syndrome, when the male has an extra X sex chromosome. I spoke to a 44 year old male today, he was fine till suddenly he said that he had to stop schooling due to gynocomastia ( this is the term for a male with increased breast tissue) . I was shocked. I know somewhere in my notes not too long ago, I read about people with this syndrome being depressed due to psychosocial implications. It was just a line back than but today I saw the real meaning behind those words. This man who had this problem since childhood was afraid to go to school. He had a surgery done at the age of 18 for the removal of excess breaststissue. But it had robbed him of his childhood and adolescence. He was psychologically affected. I was left speechless when he asked "Why this happened to him?". He probably when through a lot more, this was just superficial. What all can a small defect in the genes do to a person?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tears Of Joy

You know there are times when that one person that you least expected walks in to your life and leave behind footprints and you want to treasure them forever. That one person, who brings tears of joy in your life. Yes, tears of joy!When he leaves you speechless and you are overwhelmed with emotions, happiness it is. That one man is none other than my Orthopedics lecturer, Dr.Ashutosh S Rao. I never really had any sort of connection with him, but today it was different. I saw another side of him that I liked. He was generous at giving compliments. He would be the one person I would have least expected to realize my presence, but I was so wrong. He was a fatherly figure. I just like him. There , I said it.I felt like a daughter that is obliged to listen to my father praise , scold and care- that was the sort of atmosphere he created. For the first time in my life, I was overcome with tears of joy. And the feeling is beautiful! Made my day! I have never really mentioned about any lecturer in particular, but he was one of the memories that I want to preserve. It was my memory and it is beautiful! He makes us better doctors.

P/S= This post was created for a future reference. 50 years down this journey, when I am old and grey,I want to be able to look back at those special people who left their footprints in my heart...And he is one of them.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Hate Love Story

In love with "I hate luv story". It is a simple story. It is nothing like DDLJ @ K2H2. Simple, that's all.But why do I love it so much?It is Imraan Khan. He played his role well , that boyish thing that he portrayed was adorable! He reminds me of Santiago( from Miss Tres Hermanes). And when Imraan wore the red shirt with all the red background to go with the mood---it was, omg, romantic! I love guys who can really pull off a red shirt=)

So here goes, some of the pics from the movie

Hmmm=) Didn't I tell you! Wish I could have gotta a better picture, but yeah that's the red shirt!

I can look at this pic the whole day!

Santiago@Ricardo. Just for a comparison. Don't they have some amount of similiarity?


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Own Space?

In life, we will always need someone to fall back on. Someone to say "yeah you are right".Someone to give a pat on the shoulder and say " Don't worry". Someone for us to cry to. No one man can live on their own. In the name of responsibilities, we go all out,we claim we want our own space. Own space? Yeh "own space" ka matlap kia hai? What is own space? Living in an empty house and to come home to a house with absolute peace and no noise? Is this own space? It could be, but it depends on how long do you want the peace and no noise. Imagine walking into a house with kids running, full of noise, yet full of life, a mum/dad/wife/husband to ask you how was your day. You still have someone to talk to if you need to complain about your boss. You may not get the absolute quietness but there is a self satisfaction that you get.A joy you can never trade for anything else. When happiness becomes a routine,you will not realize the value of it. Now, imagine walking into the same home that was filled with joy and life once upon a time and now absolutely empty.There you have got the happiness you are seeking for. The absolute quietness you want is granted. One week, than a month, a year goes by. Why do you feel tired at the end of it, when you have absolutely no attachment and no commitments? Now you ask for the same noise that once filled your house, the same faces that you see everyday.Why? Because despite having your own space, there will always be an emptiness in you. An emptiness that can only be filled by the ones you love. So the next time you say you want your own space and your own life. Think again! You are not kidding anyone. We quite often say hello and greet strangers that we meet once in a while in life but we fail to do so to those we see everyday at home? Why does this happen?Learn to give small appreciation to the one living in your heart rather than to the one's who walk right in and out of your heart... It happens..when you so often see a person and suddenly the person is not there, you miss them. Hard facts of life- You learn to appreciate when you loose something, you never know how precious they are till you loose them...So do me a favour, and wish a loud good morning to your family members tomorrow. Saying I love you will not bruise your ego in anyway either, so give it at try! Love you all. Happy Saturday!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Holla! Still in the recovering phase. Down with a bad cough and flu. When I mean bad it is really bad. I feel defeated when I am sick. So helpless and I can't get myself to do anything. Anyway managed to pull myself up and went to the government outpatient department. Waited for 2 hours and met the doctor for 5 minutes and got my antibiotics. I was the second last patient on the list by the way. Feeling a whole lot better than yesterday, definitely! Wished mum was here to take care of me and pamper me. It would have been more comforting. Anyway, my voice sounds much sexier and huskier now that it is muffled by the yellowish phlegm, inflamed tonsils and sore throat=). Oh, did I mention that I also got a free advice from the doctor on my final exams. She is such a sweetheart. So as you can see, I spent the last three days on bed, coughing and spitting ( not that I am not doing it now, I still am coughing and spitting but just that I am sitting) . During which I watched Julia & Julie yesterday and today ( just now). I had no idea why a friend of mine thought I would love the movie. I mean, it was nice, okay to put it bluntly I did not like the way Julia spoke, it ticked me off so badly ( probably cause I was sick). My apologies to all her fan, don't get offended, it is just my general well being that is blocking my thought process.On another note, one of my friend is getting married next year and they are meeting up this weekend to pick a date to tie the knot.It is so crazy, I mean wow, sounds like some serious grown up stuff.Wishing her all the best! Anyway I am off to google the real face behind the characters played by Meryl and Amy Adams.Just curious. Love you all.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Favourite

Dil To Pagal Hai

P/S: My favourite part of the entire movie. What is there not to love about it, its
back sweet memories.Click the link above and watch it for

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It Is Love

I love love. The feeling is so beautiful. It makes you pretty. You feel excited. It gives you the thrill of looking forward for the next day. A form of energy that comes endlessly. You are surrounded by the positive vibe. Nothing else matters. Music adds on a double joy to the feeling. The songs of love. Makes you think if they were written only for you. You wait hours for him. That one call you wait for the whole day keeps you going. The second you hear his voice, it melts your heart. All your troubles find their way out of the door. You talk like you are the only two people around. Everything about it is so beautiful. It changes anyone into a poet. You try hard to write the most beautiful verses of love, though you fail at it, yet it is the best one ever written to the significant other. Such is the power of love. It is like a magic.Love heals anything on the path it takes...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cascada:Everytime We Touch

I still hear your voice, when you sleep next to me.
I still feel your touch in my dreams.
Forgive me my weakness, but I don't know why
Without you it's hard to survive.

Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling.
And everytime we kiss I swear I could fly.
Can't you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last.
Need you by my side.
'Cause everytime we touch, I feel the static.
And everytime we kiss, I reach for the sky.
Can't you hear my heart beat so...
I can't let you go.
Want you in my life.

Your arms are my castle, your heart is my sky.
They wipe away tears that I cry.
The good and the bad times, we've been through them all.
You make me rise when I fall.

'Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling.
And everytime we kiss I swear I could fly.
Can't you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last.
Need you by my side.
'Cause everytime we touch, I feel the static.
And everytime we kiss, I reach for the sky.
Can't you hear my heart beat so...
I can't let you go.
Want you in my life.

'Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling.
And everytime we kiss I swear I could fly.
Can't you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last.
Need you by my side.

p/s=M totally addicted to this song!

Monday, August 23, 2010

An Angel She Is...

You take one look at her and you go like "God,she is so beautiful". Her baby soft white skin, shiny brown hair and a perfect pair of eyes to go with it will never miss your attention. She never fails to smile. Her happy demeanor will keep you wondering what a perfect piece of God's creation she is. But, beneath all that, one may never know that she is diagnosed with a syndrome: the Angelman's Syndrome. Just like you I was puzzled, she has a problem? She looks picture perfect. But spend another 10 minutes and you will know, she is hyper in her actions. She can never sit in a place and has a short attention span and constantly there was drooling of saliva and prefers to hold the pen with her legs. She approaches you with big bright smile that will warm your heart and within seconds will make her way to pull out everything in your pocket. This syndrome was definitely new to me.Whatever it is, she will always remain as my cute little wingless angel...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Now, That's My Old Man

Grandpa wins 1 year's supply of doughnuts

See, the happy man above? He is none other than dad's brother. He is like what Shrek describes,like an onion, as you peel of each layer you get to see the warm and caring heart in it. That truly describes him. A warm, caring and loving person whom you know you can count on. Anyway the fact that he waits for hours for doughnuts never surprises me in anyway at all, that is so him! So, enjoy che-re-cha (uncle).Congratulations!

From as early as 6am, Krispy Kreme fans queued patiently as they grabbed the chance to be one of the first 100 customers to stand in line to receive lasting supplies of delectable treats from Krispy Kreme in celebration of their Shah Alam outlet opening.

The outlet’s first customer that purchased a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts received a golden ticket, entitling the winner to a full year’s supply of Krispy Kreme’s mouth-watering doughnuts, redeemable weekly for 52 weeks. Mr Gopalan Nair waited patiently outside the mall throughout the whole of Thursday night before the outlet’s official opening at 10.00am on Friday morning.

“My nephew and niece were the ones that told me about the new outlet opening. I came to Plaza Shah Alam to check it out and registered as the first person in line! I am 63 years old, but I am doing this for the young ones. I stayed the whole night so that I could win the one-year’s supply, and make them happy,” says Mr Gopalan, tired but ecstatic with joy.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Am No Ordinary Girl

  • I can't and rather not walk in heels ( Comfort is the in thing for me)
  • The last time I did, I found the heels to be one step ahead of me, thank heavens my feet was still intact to my body
  • Skirts and dresses are stored in my once -in-a-blue moon closet
  • Pink is not my favourite colour
  • I love to make babies cry, it amuses me, especially the change in their expression..aww, lovely( No, I am not a sadist!)
  • I fight with kids (I am not childish!)
  • If I am with a man,please, you do not expect me to eat 10 % of what you are eating, I am not good at I-gotta-be-prim n proper-in front of him-thing ( So not me!)
  • I fight equally for what is right and love even more
  • I would like to declare that I am aware that I am an emotionally sensitive creature, and gets easily wounded
  • If I like you, than I would do anything to keep you happy
  • I don't flaunt designer hand bags ( In fact I don't even know the existence of some of them)
  • Worst still even if you have bought a fake one, I would never know ( Now, that's a happy news for you)
  • I am not so much of the hand bag carrying person either
  • I don't do much of a dress up either
  • Now this is a creepy thing, I love to look at girls that are dressed up from head to toe, like they have got a nice diamante head bands, cute little pink dresses with flowers, the latest sandals from......( fill in whatever shop you like) and of course the trendiest bag with nicely manicured and designed nails, and accessories to match,... and each time I look at them I go like wow, how does she manage to do that? Really, how do you guys do that? Love you girls! ( I am totally straight, as much as I like my gender, I am attracted to the opposite gender much more)
  • I do not have the baby soft hands like most of them do
  • I love Kareena Kapoor ( I happen to be the only one in my group of friends who like her,hmm)
  • I seem to like those who many do not like ( The good thing is I never judge anyone based on what others say, I do the judgement on my own!)
  • When I was small , I have always had this funny idea-1) I have always imagine putting on many layers of gloves and touching the moon and as the gloves melt away, I imagine falling on to mattresses that are being laid on the road ( Crazy? I know) 2) I have always wanted to stand in the middle of a road whereby in one area its raining and the other it is sunny, actually I still do till now ( Talking about childhood imaginations)
  • I played a prank on my close friend when I was 12 by giving her a love letter as if it was from an admirer.
  • I memorized Richard Marx's "Right here waiting for you" when I was 9 and also the song "Sonia" from the movie Ratchakan when I was 11.
  • The song "Kau Ilhamku" brings back loads of sweet memories.
  • I love cinnamon rolls and a cup of English Breakfast tea/ coffee and I think its only right to have it in a garden setting
  • I love the idea of getting a tattoo and having my ear pierced
  • I have always wanted to have my own rock band and love to hit the drums and play the guitar ( For that sole reason only , I like Shruti Hassan)
  • I think it is a little challenging to be a women, you have gotta keep yourself extremely polished (you know facial, threading, shaving, waxing, manicure, pedicure and whatever else that you people are doing that I am not aware of)
  • Oh the last time and was also the first time I had a facial done( think it was 6 years ago), the facial lady had this machine that was meant to produce steam to cleanse the pores of the face or something like that, I am not entirely sure what is the function of it, that machine thing started sprinkling hot water out ( not a joke!) and I thought it was perfectly normal and was part of the facial process, the whole time thinking women must be crazy to go through such a torture, and little did I know the machine was actually faulty. ( I never went back to her after that)
  • You can hardly find me sitting with a group of friends gossiping about the other girls, just not interested ( But now I have no choice but to listen cause gossiping seem to be the very essence of being in a group) ---> It's like the Gossip Girl crap thingy!
  • I may not be an epitome of a perfect woman but yet there are certain things that define me:
  • I love to bake. I believe when it comes from the heart, it adds its own sweetness to the cake n cookies.
  • Like many other girls , I have my own fantasies of having my knight in shinning armor rescuing his damsel in distress and sweeping me off my feet and a happy married life.
  • Though I scold, but I love kids!
  • I love endlessly and a day dreamer.
  • I love any pretty shoes and dresses, just that it does not necessarily have to be branded.
  • I go all out to keep you happy if I care.
  • I love the rain and looking at the stars or simply the sky.
  • I cry buckets and buckets when I watch a movie that touches me emotionally.
  • I also cry when I read a story book ( esp. the one's by Nicholas Sparks, Cecelia Ahern)
  • I love songs with a perfect lyric like "If You Are Not The One" by Daniel Bedingfield
  • I love guys who have got a good sense of humor and can keep me engaged in a conversation without me getting bored.
  • I cant stand girls who go after rich guys( just for the money concept really does not make sense)
  • I love Nelson Ricardo Alamo Flores,Gerard Buttler, James Marsden, Hugh Dancy, the "Rock", and Drew Barrymore.
  • I have tons more to go but before I stop just one more important thing I love my family! As crazy as they are, I am always grateful and blessed to be part of the madness.

Excuse Me Sir, Can I have Some Salt For My Coffee?

Attention all coffee addicts! Have you ran out of sugar for your coffee, no problem-o just add some salt to it, and you should be fine.Okay, on a second thought, you probably should not, after all you are not Wu Cheng-hsueh. Yup, Mr.Wu is the owner of the 85C Bakery Cafe in Taiwan. And also happens to be the founder of the sea-salt coffee. (No kidding) Though it may sound strange, but this coffee is actually a hit since its introduction into the market last December. For someone who loves trying something new, I wouldn't mind trying this one out.Plus it scored "hero" on the zero-o-meter(that's the zero2hero TV show for those wondering what am I blabbering about). So the next time you happen to be in Taiwan , give it a shot!

P/S= Now, that's a good news for all diabetics but not so for all hypertensives.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

? Football+Model

Okay so here's the question...

"Why does most of the football players have a lingerie model as their girlfriend?" I am puzzled. Either the man is obsessed with lingerie or the ladies with the balls, I mean football...=P.So, honey, the next time you are thinking of being a model , congrats you might just end up with a football player for a husband ( * certainly not in our country, though*) . Anyway, I am having a wonderful day. It's a holiday! Yippie... On another note, I enjoy the morning sun , the green trees, inspirational quotes and a cup of coffee (Coffee smells like a wonderful day!=)
Good day all!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Experience, My Teacher

Yesterday, was one of the "pages" in my book of life. You know how some of us used to have cat fights with our peers when we were teens (luckily we are not blessed with claws otherwise I cant imagine what would have happened), over tiny stuffs, well surprisingly I accidentally got myself into one (Notice I used the word accident, cause I loathe getting involved with immature creatures). Anyway the point is, after much analyzing, I have come to know how much I have learned with just one incident. I learned to stand up for what is right, surprisingly I also learned that people have predicted me so well that so much so when I stood up for myself, they felt I should not be like that( what logic is that?). I have learned not to discuss in anger, instead more calmly with a soft tone, believe it or not, it was like a magic, it worked wonders. And I also learned it is okay to put ourselves down and make the other person feel better if it is going to be beneficial to us( hey, people did not simply say fake it to make it).Plus, I have learned the other person's character very well. Lastly, I never make the mistake of arguing with people for whose opinions I have no respect-Edward Gibbon (Very well said, how true) Till yesterday, I asked why it happened to me, but today I am grateful it was me, otherwise I would have never learned. Many more pages to go...

~Life is like an empty book whereby the pages are filled up as the days go, only a few chapters in this book is worth looking back at , the rest is merely an experience to make us strong and mature~Rubashini Nair

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cadbury Chocolate Mint Drink

Chocolate + Mint = Perfect Combination= Awesome!

You will never know unless you give it a try=)

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Story Not Told

Holla! Its been long since I blogged, thanx to my elective postings, instead of being an awesome holiday, I spent it with patients, and since now I have got 5 days of break before I got back to campus , so I thought I better see what's happening in this side of the world. Anyway, what I want to talk about today, is really something that should bring awareness, an introduction to another world that not many know.

KL as many know is a big big city bustling with traffic, loads of people with the latest trend, gigantic malls to chill out, on a whole appears as a civilized place.Everything peaceful, another icon of transformation, as a result of development. Naturally, we expect the neighbouring area to be equally developed, human wise also, at least that's what I thought. But, what I discovered many days ago, was rather a new and thought changing experience. The National Leprosy Center back in Sungai Buloh was the home for hundred over patients over the last 50 years.Yes, 5o and probably more. Patients living in the same bed for years. Their bed is their home. These are humans that are living in a different world, with no contact with the outside world. Here, there are patients that have been left since the age of nine and never went back home. Each had a different story to tell. Some still having the mentality of a nine year old despite being 45. Transformation has taken place but not for these people. For them, the corridor is the north-south highway, the newly mowed lawn is another state, the freshly grown flowers are paintings on the wall and they have a cat for a companion. This is their life. A story not told.

I left that place tear eyed and swear I would never step a foot again in there. I am not being selfish, but there is a part of me that feels there is no way any human should live like that. I am not prepared emotionally and mentally to go back again.

If you are complaining about incompleteness, than take a look at them. You will learn to appreciate everything. If you are complaining about not having a mirror, they don't have a presentable face (effect of erosion). If you are complaining about not having the best sunglasses, they don't have eyes to see. If you think you are bad at drawing, they don't have fingers. If dancing is a difficult task for you, they would at least wished to have the other half of the leg to move around! If you think the entire world is so unfair to you, than I have no words, you definitely haven't seen them yet...

I know I said I won't go back, I have been there, I have seen it,it will take time...But, they won't mind having a human for a companion once in a while for a change...So give it a thought.
Good day all!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Her Name Is Bella

She had an awfully cropped hair with matted patches of hair at some part of the skull. It has been weeks since a drop of water ever came in touch with the hair of hers. The sunburned color and stinking sweat odor of the hair did not do justice to her coppery skin and the beautiful amethyst colored almond eyes of hers. The tears at the edge of the eye was slowly washing away and bringing with it the black eye liner along its course. She let it drop.Her tears.She was too weak to wipe it away. The freckles over her chest were defined by the V-shaped plunging neckline of her dress.It added to her natural beauty. The gentle swells of her breasts were obvious.The dress, a black satin Prada dress hung on her on either side of her shoulder by a thin strap. It is studded with diamonds around her small waist. It went well with the ankle high boots minus the fish net stockings."You are lucky", she remembered one of her friends saying. The dress, was given to her by one of her "clients". Clients, she thought to herself and just smiled and shrugged her shoulders. But, the tears still flowed. Two months ago, she remembered dad calling her "Princess". Now,here she is. In this dark lane, where besides rat and cockroaches, humans, roam around. Humans who are drugged, highly intoxicated, whose bodies have been the item of trade in need of money. So was hers. Just two months ago, she made the decision to leave home with Nick. Yes, Nick, her boyfriend. The man who promised her life in a fantasy land, the man who won her heart with versus of love, the man who asked her hand in marriage.She was darn sure he was her true soul mate. She left despite all the warnings from dad. And he left her too. Yes, the same Nick who promised her sweet nothings left her in this hell, he sold her off. The sweet love making in the trust of her man's words was meaningless and it hurt her to the core. She regretted. She hated this life. Her mistakes had ruined her. She took the last drop of that liquor. She had fought and begged one of the man to sell her those "stuff". She can't live without it. It was her only means of finding peace. She held the syringe and gently pushed the needle into her skin. As "it" mixed with her blood, she had flashes of her happy life with her father and siblings. Choking back her tears ,she said softly,"Forgive Bella,dad". And, her eyes never opened again...

A Note

I wrote a note
"Fetch the kids",
I wrote a note
"Food in the fridge",
I wrote a note
"Will be late",
I wrote a note
"Don't wait up",
I wrote a note
"Soccer on Sunday",
You left a note
"I am leaving...for good",
I held the palm sized paper
Close to my chest,
Tears welled up in my eye,
I fell to the floor,
Staring at the marble kitchen tiles,
That we hand-picked,
When we build this home,
Now, it is a house
With memories
If only I wrote just one note
"I love you"
It could have made a difference....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Independence & A Big Thank You

Morning. I have finally finished my professional exams and I am a full fledged final year student. Yeah! Honestly,yesterday was my New Year. Now, I am on par with the rest. And,I can finally pay attention to one thing till my next exam. This is the day I was waiting for since I made the decision to defer my studies in 2008. And finally it is here. Trust me folks, any trials in this journey is always a temporary thing and it will pass by fast, whatever it is. It is just one of God's way of making us strong. Studies was never the only issue for me , since acha left , there was so many emotional downfalls in life. So many people to cater for especially family. No, I am not complaining--- the start of anything in life is never an easy one but as it goes things will eventually fall in place. Time probably heals the pain- not completely perhaps a little. 2 years was definitely an eye opener-meeting people, understanding them, standing up for yourself, appreciating the small things that makes a great difference, maturing and the feel of wanting to do everything right now, this very moment, to spent when I want to, to go on a vacation or a trip or anything without giving much of a thought, to dance till I am exhausted, to see more people, and a lot more to name. So, I was thinking, I am going to take some time to thank some people who had been there, and made a difference in the last 2 years directly or indirectly. I have never particularly mentioned any one's name before so if I did today I am being truly sincere and wishing you people a big thank you from the bottom of my heart.

1) Sham chechi

Where do I start when it comes to you, basically
everything was possible due to
your effort. The amount of patience, love and understanding and support that
you gave all throughout-
from the time I deffered my studies, all the train journeys to keep me company and all the encouragement.Oh yes, and the driving will never be possible if it was not for your support. And I needed you the most to keep me sane.To listen to me pour my heart out!Thank you for being rational.

2) Ma-me mummy

Despite all the irrationalities and emotional downfall, as a mother, you are still the best.
You had a dual role since 2008-both as a dad & a mum. And you did both very well. You have always worried about not being able to do it right and not as perfectly as acha- but honestly no one could have done it better than you! Chumi's wedding would not have been possible without you! And I would not have made it this far as well. I admire you patience & always wished I had half of it.So, thank you and love you.

3) Priscillia

You are part of the family now. Thank you for all the help. And especially for all the driving
around to distribute the cards and to settle everything else-from the slide making, to the late nights chats and to be very patient with the DJ=) So many things would not have been possible without you. So thank you!

4) Kishore

Thank you for all the wonderful lunch and dinner and hours and hours of time spent talking.
Really kept my mind off things. Thank you for making me feel welcomed and not so awkward when I was back for my studies. And also for sending me home that Christmas morning. Truly a friend I can count on.So, a big thank you and do let me no if I am of any help.

5) Sarita

A big thank you and a hug for listening to me pour my heart out at the time I needed most. And also, for allowing me to stay over! I really appreciate it. Hope to return your favour one day. And as promised, will get you your Tatiana=) & it was nice having you around back home and to be able to explore my primary school, thanx to you.

6) Rathi

Thank you for filling me up with all the stories=) and keeping me happy. I sort of felt like I was back in the class and did not miss anything, thanx to you.

P/S= Off to gym now. Have a blessed day!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

On Another Note...

Mum & I had this conversation today...

Thejas, my 8 year old nephew, wanted to know the amount of ribs we have, claiming that the last time he had a chest X-ray taken , he had forgotten to count the amount of ribs on the film.So, yeah I told him. Anyway, later on I was talking to mum.

I : Ma, he is so inquisitive. Probably he should become a doctor. Do you think he might want to swap places with me.

Mum: I don't know. Why don't you ask him?

I: Thejas mon, you want to become a doctor uh when you grow up?

Thejas : But, I don't know anything about cells. ( in his adorable baby voice)

I: Never mind, they will teach you.

Thejas: Duwan.... I want to become a businessman ( I know where he got this idea from=)

Mum: *mum laughing*

I : Ma , I think I used to be as inquisitive as him when I was small, asking you a lot of questions,but you la, did not give me an answer for any of them, now am feeling stupid.

Mum: (LAUGHING LOUD) The only questions you ever asked me was where all the food was kept my dear.

I: (hahahaha) I know.Sounds like me alright.That's why I am telling you my interest have always been food , I should have taken up baking or cooking instead of med.

And, that was a piece of the conversation that made my day! Great Day! Today is a beautiful day! Stop for a little while to feel the breeze on your face and smell those flowers. Love you!

I Had Them Taken

Holla.So, here's the thing. I am having my finals this Monday. Back to studies. Not stressed=) Anyway, during the short breaks that I take from studies, I manage to capture some photos. Here are some of them.Oh yeah, I am aware the quality really sucks, but would you just pretend for me that those were the best shots you have ever seen=)) Thanx, love ya!

From the playground near my house.I love this tree, not sure what is it called though. But when the flowers bloom,it is definitely a sight not to be missed!

This is the giraffe in my room.Haven't named him yet. I love his stupid look.Makes my day!Oh it has a button at the bottom, when it is pressed, the whole giraffe will collapse, no kidding!

A closer look (
blurred eh?).Did I mention he looks a little silly?

A friend gave me this last week.I love babies.Love to see them cry=) So adorable!
( I no sounds really mean right?)

Now, it is hung on my wall.Makes my day each time I take a look at it.

P/S- I love Aaj Kal Zindagi,Life Is Crazy & Iktara from Wake Up Sid. Nice songs.I am planning on starting another blog sometime next month (hopefully).Wanted to share some photos of all the wonderful moments in my life that have been captured with just one click away.