Monday, January 11, 2010

2 Days & Nothing Exciting

Namaste. I am finally back home for holidays-exams are over for now. My lungs are properly expanding now=) You know I have read many causes of diarrhoea, but I would like to add just one more self-experienced and 100% true cause- exam-induced diarrhoea=( And its like the worst thing to have! Anyways, lets start off with my train journey.For the first time, I took the 2nd class seating,it was always berth, but that was only because the tickets are sold out as usual and I have no idea why do people need to go back all that often when it is not even the holiday season(okay,sounds pretty selfish,sorry,just a little frustration,but nevertheless I am glad that at least I have got the tickets to go home. So, in this train journey, I had a friend along with me. Though different seats, we spend the first three hours exploring and practically loitering from one coach to the other. We even saved a teenage girl from a horny man (no joke,no dramatization,for real). Later, enjoying the sight of the Penang bridge from the canteen of the train. In fact, I only knew the train had a mosque that day, thanks to our curiosity. After 3 solid hours, we went to our respective seats. They were playing Tom& Jerry, and than had Batman Returns on TV.I got squeezed between a moderately build man and the window, not moving an inch, with the weight of my lap top and few clothes,water bottles resting on my lap. Just to add on to all of that, it was THE time of the month.Just great! What a disaster! I only remember swearing to myself all through the journey- no more seating coach for me, its either berth or not going home. I was hardly sleeping,a little worried about the safety of my belongings. I can feel my muscles crying out in pain! All stiffened in the 10 hours journey. However, it was compensated with me sleeping the following day=) This past two days, was pretty boring, besides shouting ( no, its hard to talk to kids nowadays,simply because they don't behave like one) and bugging my mom's life.The only good thing that kept my energy level a little high was watching Yaadein,Dance India Dance and watching Jodhaa Akbar-hmm, Hrithik love your movements, extremely flexible!--Oh yes, love you too!Yup, that is pretty much about it. Tomorrow, taking mom to hospital, well the rest of the day still remains a mystery.Hopefully,it will be an exciting one!

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